Star Wars Rogue One

How They Utilized Wi-Fi Solutions in Rogue One

The Star Wars universe is expansive – quite literally. Throughout the franchise there have been a great number of communication methods used to send and receive critical information – both for the Rebel Alliance and for the Empire. Now, without pointing fingers at who is truly to blame for the complete and total breakdown of the system (Yoda…) we should take a good look at how they transmitted data.

From Tape Drives to Memory Orbs

If you are one of the small, tiny fraction of the world that has yet to watch a single Star Wars movie, you’re really missing out. Without giving away a whole heck of a lot that is central to the plot of Rogue One, or the rest of the film franchise for that matter, here are some of the critical technologies used to send, receive, and store information vital to the Rebel and Empire, uhhh…movements:

  • Physical Tape Drives
  • Memory Orbs
  • Disk Drives

A Really, Really Giant Antenna

Should we have said SPOILER ALERT!?

It seems strange that in a galaxy as vast and as far, far away as the Star Wars universe, that Wi-Fi wouldn’t just be some automatic thing that everyone has at their disposal and can handle any amount of data in any format. But no, instead, there’s a wholly inefficient system of data storage devices that aren’t interchangeable and can’t easily upload and transmit the data (that is critical the sheer survival and success of the rebels and their cause) effortlessly like we do today.

Apparently, when the data needing to be sent is small enough, it can be transmitted effortlessly without issue in the Star Wars universe. Unfortunately, because the plans of the Death Star are so grotesquely large, that particular data file can’t be transmitted quite so easily over their “Wi-Fi network”. So instead of being able to send that information along the Wi-Fi highway across the galaxy, a giant antenna is needed (in addition to doing something else critical to the plot of Rogue One) in order to upload the files and send them on their way.

Seems pretty darn inefficient and if this is what businesses faced when transmitting and storing information today, we’d still be stuck in the 20th Century! Seems that our current Wi-Fi solutions are more advanced than those of the galaxy far, far away.

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