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Benefits of Outsourcing IT with a Managed Service Provider

Benefits of Outsourcing IT with a Managed Service Provider

When it comes to IT management, there are many plans from which you can choose. However, most of these plans will fall into one of two categories: In-house or outsourced. While both of these options can work well, outsourced IT has proven to be a more popular option in recent years. In this article, we will explore the reasons for that fact.

Reason #1: You Will Probably Save Money

For companies on a tight budget, the issue of cost is likely to be the deciding factor when choosing an IT management method. At first glance, the in-house method might seem to be less expensive. This is because in-house IT technicians are usually not paid as well. However, this attitude ignores several hidden expenses.

When you set up an in-house IT department, you will have to pay for a lot of equipment. Many technicians will choose to use their personal computers/mobile devices, but you cannot rely on that. You will have to buy computers, keyboards, desks, at least one server, and any special tools or programs that are needed for their maintenance.

Outsourced IT programs, on the other hand, involve no equipment costs. Instead, you pay one monthly fee for everything. When it comes to training, we see a similar situation. If you want your in-house technicians to be competent, you will need to make sure they stay up to date on the latest tech. That means training from a more experienced IT professional, and those people aren’t likely to be cheap. Once again, an outsourced MSP (managed service provider) doesn’t have that problem.

Reason #2: You Can Focus On More Important Things

IT is a large and complex subject. Not only that, but it is an ever-changing subject that requires technicians to stay updated and well-informed at all times. For instance, just keeping up with the latest known malware threats can be a daunting task. New threats are being discovered all the time as old threats become less relevant.

When you go with an outsourced IT approach, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can, therefore, focus more easily on the core aspects of your business. For instance, if your company makes auto parts, then your primary concern should be the quality of those parts. Unfortunately, it’s kind of hard to concentrate on that sort of thing when your IT problems are sucking up time and money.

Reason #3: Outsourced IT People Are Usually More Experienced

In many cases, in-house IT technicians are hired by people who don’t know that much about computers (or information technology in general). As a result, it is all too common for competent companies to have incompetent IT people. In many ways, this reason comes down to the factor of experience.

When a person applies for a job with a managed service provider, they will have to impress people who already know their business well. They will not be able to take advantage of any lack of knowledge on the part of their employers. Thus, the incompetent ones are weeded out with greater efficiency.

When we talk about experience, we should mention the importance of having relevant experience. As an example, you wouldn’t hire a fisherman to build your house, no matter how good he is at catching fish. In like manner, it is important to have IT staff that have experience in your particular industry. Outsourced IT companies will normally concentrate their efforts on one or a few industries. As such, you are more likely to find the specialized experience that you need.

Reason #4: Your Security Will Probably Improve

Internet security is of paramount importance to many businesses. Even if you don’t deal with particularly sensitive information, a data breach can do serious damage to your reputation. A high-profile data breach can expose your company to a lot of embarrassment, and maybe even some expensive lawsuits. That’s why you need to consider security as a top priority.

When you go with an outsourced IT provider, you are making use of a key security concept: Compartmentalization. By separating the different aspects of your IT setup, you can make it much harder for an intruder to get what they want. Like the layers of an onion, a good computer security setup should have multiple layers. An attacker might get through one of them, but not all of them.

However, there is an accountability problem when you go with an in-house team. Chances are, no one except the IT team will be able to check their work! If you want to make sure that your system is using the latest encryption, the latest PCI standards, and all the latest virus definitions, an MSP is more likely to double-check their employees.

Reason #5: You Can Compete With The Big Players

If your company isn’t particularly large, your IT department is also likely to be small. For financial reasons, the activities of in-house technicians are limited by a lack of proper tools and equipment. Even if those technicians are very good at their jobs, this represents a serious disadvantage.

On the other hand, an MSP will have invested in the latest and best equipment, as well as all the necessary tools and information. This is because IT is their business, and they can concentrate fully upon that. In some ways, this comes down to a question of cost recoupment. When a small company buys a professional-grade IT setup, it can take quite a while for that investment to pay for itself.

On the other hand, a company that deals only with IT matters will quickly find their investment to be worth the return. Thus, you can get the same high-tech resources that are enjoyed by larger companies without investing in whole rooms full of equipment.


We hope that this article has been helpful and that it has given you a better idea of how outsourced IT can help your business to run more efficiently. While it is true that in-house IT teams can be very good, you are more likely to get the results you want when you choose the services of a specialized company. If you would like to learn more, please fill out the contact form below.