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Understanding The Cloud

When the cloud was new, some called it a fad. However, it has proven to be a workable long-term alternative to traditional networks. In many ways, the cloud is just a private internet, which is limited to a relatively small number of authorized users. It provides a degree of uniformity and interconnection that isn’t possible over standard networks. In short, it allows everyone in a certain group to use the exact same computing environment at the same time.

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Cloud Computing And Cloud Services

Ever since the invention of the computer, its capacity has always been limited by the physical resources available to the user. This can, obviously, create certain inconveniences. For instance, you might have a very fast and well-optimized computer in your home or office, but what happens when you need to access those same resources from a different location?

Cloud computing offers a new and unique way to get around the inherent limitations of network hardware. By using virtual environments, the cloud can turn computing resources (like RAM, hard drive space, etc.) into an online resource. Merely by plugging into the cloud, you gain access to its resources. Thus, you don’t necessarily need to have high-quality end-user devices at all times.

Cloud services are provided by private companies in somewhat the same way that traditional networks are served. The cloud network is hosted on a server, which can be accessed by anyone with a password. However, there are a lot of key differences as well.

A cloud network combines the computing resources of its users, allowing for much greater speed and efficiency for all involved. A cloud network also provides a lot more visibility for network administrators. When everyone is using the same environment, it’s a lot easier to enforce rules and monitor activity.

What Are Some Cloud Computing Services

When you set up a cloud network, certain “bonus features” can be included for an extra fee. Every cloud provider offers a different range of services, so this could be a ridiculously long list. However, it is possible to categorize all cloud solution services in three categories:

  • Software As A Service (SaaS)
  • Platform As A Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)

SaaS services allow cloud users to gain access to specialized software. This might be something that is offered to all customers or something that is custom-developed. In any case, SaaS services will increase the cost of cloud computing services. However, when you consider the cost of licensing commercial software for many computers, the SaaS option really is the cheaper one. Any service which provides access to specialized cloud software would fall into this category.

If your needs are too unique to be served by anyone else, you might find PaaS services to be a good solution. As part of your cloud service plan, your provider might offer you access to a development platform. This allows you to create and modify your own customized software apps. It’s great for those who want to create custom apps without jumping through a bunch of hoops.

Finally, we have infrastructure services, usually called IaaS services. We have already explained how the cloud allows for the pooling of computer resources. Obviously, your cloud provider can add resources to that cloud as well. This will probably take the form of extra storage space or extra server RAM, as an expanding system will occasionally need those upgrades. Anything that offers to enhance your available cloud resources would fall into this category.

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The Advantage Of Going Serverless

If you choose to migrate your entire network to the cloud, there will be one big advantage: You will no longer have to maintain a set of on-site servers. You still might want to have some offline storage for sensitive information, but you won’t need to host your own server like most companies. If you fully move to the cloud, all of that server maintenance is done by the cloud provider (since you will be using their servers).

Of course, if you choose this route, you need to make sure that you choose a trustworthy and reputable cloud provider. It would also be advisable to use an encrypted cloud if it is going to be your main (or only) network. That’s where a nationwide company like PCH comes into play. A well-established company with a proven track record is the safest bet here. If you go with a not-so-legitimate company, there can be serious consequences both in terms of security and performance.

The Three Types Of Clouds

All cloud networks (sometimes called “instances” because of their virtual nature) can be classified into three categories, much like cloud services. These three categories are:

  • Public Clouds: These make use of the public internet, even if access to the cloud itself is password-protected. In a case like this, all the network infrastructure is owned and maintained by the cloud provider.
  • Private Clouds: These are hosted on servers owned by the user. An on-site cloud server would be one example of a private cloud. In a case like this, the cloud is only accessible through the on-site infrastructure. This reduces the versatility and convenience, but it is the best option for high-security needs.
  • Hybrid Clouds: If neither of these options is good enough, you can always try a hybrid cloud. This is a middle-ground option, hopefully having the best qualities of both.


No matter what kind of cloud network or services you might need, PCH Technologies can help. We offer cloud computing services that are fit for even the most high-end users. That’s why we are one of the biggest IT companies in the nation. We pride ourselves on having the intellect and versatility to help every customer get the perfect cloud plan for them. If you would like to stop messing around with substandard providers and start working with the best, you can call PCH Technologies at (856) 754-7500.

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