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Cyber Security Services

Security Solutions That Fit Your Business

Your company’s network, data and digital devices are critical to your business’s everyday operations. It is important to protect against cyber crimes by working with a cybersecurity services company such as PCH Technologies. We serve many companies in the cybersecurity space, providing organizations in the construction, financial and manufacturing verticals with expert third-party services. See how our experience in industries like yours equips us to exceed your expectations for computer security services.

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IT Security For Businesses

Companies rely on digital infrastructures and network systems to perform essential tasks. Without them, operations can slow down and could lead to more issues. Computer security services can help your company maintain IT systems to protect data against external and internal threats that want to malign or steal information. We also offer data backup and recovery to prevent the loss of data due to data corruption or accidental or intentional data loss. PCH Technologies delivers scalable and flexible IT security to protect businesses.

IT security covers cybersecurity, data security and network security. By implementing our cybersecurity services, you can focus on your business’s main tasks while we monitor and secure your IT system. Our offerings also include cyber risk assessments, business continuity recovery services and email and ransomware protection.

Benefits of Working With Our Team

When you work with us, you get to experience the many benefits of our services. We provide:

  • Industry experts: Our team of experts collectively has several decades of experience in helping clients identify, isolate and remediate cybersecurity-related issues.
  • Advanced security: Cyber issues advance rapidly, so keeping up with the technology is crucial to staying ahead of cybercriminals. At PCH Technologies, we use the latest security technologies to protect your business, such as leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance ransomware detection, business email compromise prevention and compliance efforts.

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Why Is Cybersecurity Important?

Cyber attacks can happen to anyone and any business, but having a security system in place can help prevent them.

Many cyber attackers view enterprises, especially smaller ones, as vulnerable to take advantage of. If a business of any size doesn’t follow best practices, it leaves data at risk of exposure if a hacker gets into the system. Once hackers break in, they often gain control of important information or customer data, which they can hold captive and threaten to expose if they don’t receive money. Cyber attacks can also happen in the form of malware or viruses infecting computer systems.

Breaches can cost companies thousands of dollars, and some may not be able to recover parts of the data even after paying. Keep your business and client’s data safe by partnering with a cybersecurity service provider like PCH Technologies.

How Cybersecurity Consulting Helps

With a team of cybersecurity experts dedicated to protecting your IT systems, you can focus on your business without worrying about security.

Beyond the efficiency and cost advantages of working with a third party for cybersecurity, you benefit from consulting opportunities derived from insights specific to your business. Our comprehensive assessment and open communication allow us to evaluate your existing cybersecurity measures, identify potential improvements and implement them effectively.

Our consultants are on-call to address issues as they arise, but we also look to optimize your security measures, offering new solutions that may solve issues your internal team had not noticed or optimize systems beyond just performing reliably.

CyberSecurity Solutions We Offer

We work closely with your business teams to develop a strategy that protects your network and other online system processes. We offer solutions for several areas, including:

Data Security

  • Data Encryption
  • Data Loss Prevention



Cyber Security

  • Sandbox and Virtualization
  • IoT
  • Advanced Forensics
  • Incident Response
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Advanced Threat Protection

Network Security

Partnering With PCH Technologies

PCH Technologies drives your business’s success with a team of experienced, dedicated IT professionals who specialize in cybersecurity and other solutions. We value your time, which is why our process ensures every step is tailored to provide the most value possible for your organization’s unique risks.

We’ve earned credentials and received awards for our work with clients like you, and our cybersecurity services company seeks other partnerships to enhance our offerings. These connections enable us to offer more precise detection capabilities, leverage purpose-built cybersecurity service provider tools and drive innovation to keep pace with evolving threats.

Audit Your Existing Cyber Security Infrastructure

Close Any Gaps And Strengthen Security Measures And Processes

Carefully Monitor And Proactively Assist Your Security Infrastructure

Learn More About Our Cybersecurity Services

Be proactive about protecting your company’s digital infrastructure safety by letting PCH Technologies manage your IT security plans.

Our team ensures your business continues to be successful while avoiding cyber threats and attacks. We provide companies nationwide with high-quality services that keep them aware of the importance of cybersecurity and actions to take if something happens. While we are always available to mitigate issues and improve your system, we also ensure your team is knowledgeable so they can avoid cyber threats from becoming a reality.

Learn more about our robust cybersecurity services by scheduling a discovery call with us today. Our experts will share more about our capabilities and help you determine whether our offerings are a good fit for your company.


We provide cyber risk assessments, comprehensive email security protection, ransomware protection, and business continuity and backup disaster recovery services.


We use the latest security technologies including artificial intelligence to work to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals to better protect your business.


We have the experience and expertise to identify and solve your IT and cybersecurity-related issues. We pride ourselves on having the top talent in the industry.

More Services From Us:

In addition to our cybersecurity services, we also offer support for:

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