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MANAGED IT SERVICES FOR Construction companies

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Managed IT Services for Construction Companies

For those in the construction industry, it might be tempting to ignore the need for information technology management. In the past, this was definitely true. However, the modern world has made the construction business far more complex than ever before. From planning to completion, computer systems now play a huge role in these companies. Whether it’s a database of CAD files or records of your company’s financial transactions, the management of data is best left to the professionals.

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IT Support for Construction Companies

While some companies choose to use one of their people for these IT jobs, a construction company is not the right kind of company for that. Usually, the kinds of people who work in construction are hands-on people whose expertise lies in physical matters. You can’t reasonably expect to find a computer genius on the job site, but you can certainly find them working among the good people at PCH Technologies.

One of the best uses for an IT system (in this industry) is safety compliance. Working with heavy equipment (and sometimes even explosives) is an inherently risky business. Worst of all, it might take only one negligent person to cause a complete and utter disaster. That’s where an IT-based safety monitoring system can come in very handy indeed. It is one of the best ways to avoid the risk of accidents, which often result in injury, death, property damage, and/or expensive lawsuits.

An IT company can also help you to stay in closer touch with your customers. By integrating everything into a smartphone app, you can give your customers an easy way to get in touch with you and receive an update at any time. It is important to keep your clients happy, and any investors that are involved in the project might also want an update from time to time. Instead of taking the time to call them one by one, you can send out group messages via the app, along with all the relevant metrics that they want and need to see.

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Managed Security Services For Construction Companies

As we already mentioned, a smartphone app can be a great way to keep all of your customers and employees on the same page. However, those who really want to maximize their company’s coordination should consider the use of our cloud computing services. Construction sites tend to be dirty, and there is often little shelter from the weather.

As such, computers and other electronic devices can have some trouble at work sites. By putting everything in the cloud, you ensure that all your information is neatly organized and cataloged without the need for a single on-site computer. You can use a single smartphone or tablet to keep track of everything, and these are much easier to protect from the weather.

For automated processes, this kind of thing is even more important. A robust and well-designed interface is the best way to keep tabs on your automated systems. Cloud computing provides that, and this can be a great thing in the event of a malfunction. When something goes wrong with an automated process, a horrendous amount of damage can result. The longer the problem goes uncorrected, the worse it is likely to be.

So, unless you want to pay someone to monitor those automated systems every day, you will need to set up an automated monitoring system. The experts at PCH Technologies can set up such a system, which will immediately alert a supervisor if something goes wrong. This is not a particularly difficult thing to achieve with the right people on your side, but it can be a very daunting task for those who don’t have our extensive experience.

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Disaster Recovery Services For Construction Companies

Data loss is always a problem for any computer system. Still, a well-designed and stable system will have a much lower risk for this problem. If it does occur, PCH is the company to call. Data recovery is one of those processes that require a precise hand. If a non-professional attempts this task, they are likely to make the problem worse. Computers are constantly writing and overwriting data, so every wasted action equals more and more data loss.

When you need your data back fully and quickly, the only thing to do is shut down the whole system. Don’t let anyone access the affected machines (or the cloud) until one of our trained professionals can fix it with the surgical precision for which we are known. If a physical disaster occurs, an IT company can help you to manage the problem and correct the damage in a more efficient way.

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For a construction company, there are many ways in which dedicated IT services can help to streamline the working process. We have already listed the most important of these reasons, but it all comes down to one thing: Superior organization! A more organized business will generally have fewer hiccups and problems, and organizing your IT systems is what we do best.

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