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We provide cyber risk assessments, comprehensive email security protection, ransomware protection, and business continuity and backup disaster recovery services.


We use the latest security technologies including artificial intelligence to work to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals to better protect your business.


We have the experience and expertise to identify and solve your IT and cybersecurity-related issues. We pride ourselves on having the top talent in the industry.

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Ransomware Protection

For more than a decade, PCH Technologies has been a leading provider of business ransomware protection. We take our incident response seriously, starting every initial engagement with a comprehensive analysis to identify which part of the process to initiate.

With each ransomware removal incident, we strive for the fastest and most efficient recovery obtainable. Our team of advanced technicians focuses on meeting your business needs at every step to restore your essential data and computing services as quickly as possible.

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What Is Ransomware?

You have likely heard about ransomware in the news. The stories are especially pronounced after a massive breach impacting a large corporation. Ransomware attacks are serious incidents, costing companies millions on average while disrupting the normal operations of businesses, hospitals, banks, and even cities.

So, what is ransomware, exactly? In simple terms, it’s a malicious form of software that allows cybercriminals to gain unwanted access to your secure networks and critical data. After a successful intrusion, the threat actors demand a large sum of money, usually in the form of cryptocurrency, in exchange for the release of your essential business data.

The moment criminal hackers gain access to your encrypted data, your entire operation is on the line as the extortion commences. Due to budgetary constraints, many small businesses find themselves ill-equipped and underprepared to handle a ransomware attack. Most of these companies falsely assume that they’re not big enough to be targeted by threat actors.

On the contrary, cybercriminals have honed in on smaller organizations in recent years because of their known security vulnerabilities. Ransomware doesn’t discriminate. It frequently attaches to computers systems via phishing emails and infected websites, making companies of any size vulnerable. Even though authorities discourage companies from releasing any ransom to criminals, unsuspecting business owners believe that paying up is the only way to regain access to their data.

That victimized companies must give in to extortion demands or face losing control of their operations is another common misconception. Cybersecurity experts like ours possess all the necessary resources and means to remove the ransomware infection and recover your files from backup sources.

Why Choose PCH Technologies For Ransomware Protection?

Our organization has an extensive background in cybersecurity, helping businesses with ransomware recovery since the attacks became prominent in the mid-2000s. We possess the tools, experience, and specialized knowledge to keep your company stable and secure for years to come.

Just one successful ransomware attack is enough to topple any organization within months, if not weeks, of the first incident. If cybercriminals should ever strike, our team of skilled security professionals can rapidly deploy the necessary tools to begin combating the attack. We work closely with your internal IT staff to restore your most critical systems before moving on to recover other essential data.

By prioritizing the recovery of your most crucial IT infrastructure, you’re ensured the fastest route to restoring any systems vital to your continued operations. Our U.S.-based ransomware protection and recovery team works with a range of industries across all business sectors, drawing knowledge from the top resources and experts across the globe to optimize incident response and quickly remove malware whenever necessary.

If you’re in the process of growing your company and forming new partnerships, now is a good time to consider safeguarding your sensitive business data to ensure maximal levels of compliance and brand protection. Partnering with a trusted cybersecurity provider is a step in the right direction because we help you cut costs and save time while making your company ransomware resilient.

Our team of experts forges the lengthy and resource-intensive discovery process to quickly deliver what matters the most -optimal threat detection and security. We proactively monitor your systems to decrease the likelihood of victimization and offer prescriptive guidance to prevent invasions from occurring in the first place.

PCH Technologies helps companies of all sizes with ransomware prevention and remediation after an attack. If you have been recently victimized or you’re concerned about ransomware and haven’t been professionally assessed in a while, call us now at (856) 754-7500.

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