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Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

It Starts With A Plan


We provide cyber risk assessments, comprehensive email security protection, ransomware protection, and business continuity and backup disaster recovery services.


We use the latest security technologies including artificial intelligence to work to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals to better protect your business.


We have the experience and expertise to identify and solve your IT and cybersecurity-related issues. We pride ourselves on having the top talent in the industry.

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Services

So far this year, ransomware attacks have increased 250 percent compared to the number of attacks reported in 2016. The total cost of all ransomware attacks may exceed $5 billion before the year ends — and the financial toll of ransomware isn’t the worst part. The worst aspect of ransomware is the fact that it can cripple your business by restricting access to your crucial data.

Although ransomware is perhaps the most insidious form of data loss, it isn’t the only way that your business can lose access to files. Every day, hard drives crash, computers fail and employees make critical mistakes. Your business needs a disaster recovery plan to ensure that data loss causes no permanent harm.

PCH offers business continuity and disaster recovery services to ensure that your business experiences no downtime if data loss occurs.

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PCH Technologies - Options For Data Backup

Cloud-based backup solutions are increasingly common. A cloud-based backup solution offers unlimited storage that scales to meet your needs — and with a cloud backup solution, you pay only for the bandwidth, storage space and computing power that you actually use. Alternatively, we have the ability to configure a data backup appliance within your own facility. A benefit of using an in-house backup appliance is that, aside from power and staff, there are no ongoing expenses associated with using one. An in-house backup appliance also ensures that you always have physical access to your data.

IT Disaster Recovery Plans and Strategies

Business continuity and disaster recovery involves identifying your business’s critical services and determining how those services will continue operating if a disaster occurs. Business continuity ensures that your organization can continue earning revenue, serving its customers and meeting its legal requirements after data loss. One common business continuity method is to have a cloud-based server containing a mirror of the files on an in-house server. If the in-house server fails, the cloud-based server can become operational immediately. PCH Technologies can get you back to work faster with a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan that involves:

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