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Remote Data Backup Services

The Microsoft CSP Program and You


PCH offers business continuity and disaster recovery services to ensure that your business experiences no downtime if data loss occurs.


At PCH, we have the ability to eliminate your need for an in-house IT staff by handling all of your information technology support remotely.


We have the experience and the resources to identify and solve your IT-related problems. That’s what IT consulting is—both simple and powerful.

Businesses in New Jersey understand the criticality of digital workplaces in the modern world. People expect to do business with the convenience of instant, location-independent communications. The fidelity of digital storage and instant recall saves a lot of time and prevents a lot of miscommunications and mistakes.

Unfortunately, this digital world isn’t without its hazards and threats, chief among them being equipment failures, malware, ransomware and other fruits of the efforts of ne’er-do-wells the world over. This is why top-notch security and reliable, industrial backup are crucial to any business’s stability and reliability in the 21st century.

Thankfully, PCH Technologies has years of experience in providing reliable, up-to-date backup technologies that take full advantage of the latest communications, databases, parallel and serializing systems, virtualization, and databases. We can help you keep your data safe from the calamitous intent and plain old bad luck. You can sleep peacefully at night knowing we keep your data up to date and safe for instant recall should the worst happen.

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Secure Backup Services

We offer secure, automated backup systems that free up your IT staff to perform their daily operations, without disrupting any of your business operations at any point. We use the latest in unobtrusive, remote backup technologies and cloud mirroring to ensure that data is updated after any significant changes.

We provide version tracking and usage logistics for full transparency, allowing you to maintain a solid business operations model that includes our critical service as part of your projections. Your accounting and IT departments will thank you for this level of transparency.


We’re prepared to provide secure, automated backups of the following devices, databases, data, and services:

  • Microsoft System Imaging
  • Windows Server 2003-2008BR2/XP/7
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server
  • Microsoft Outlook 2000-2010
  • Lotus Domino/Notes
  • Oracle Database
  • VMWare
  • All Windows Compatible Files
  • MySQL

We also offer the following encryption algorithms for additional data security: 

  • ES
  • Definable Encryption Key
  • 128-Bit SSL
  • Triple DES
  • Two Flash
  • 256-bit Hash
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No More Tapes

Tapes have long been the awkward, slow and fragile storage system for high-level backups. We know you’re sick of them and so are we! We offer large-scope cloud storage of a scalable scope that can handle any level of data storage, with instant recall and no bit rot problems.

This prevents misconfiguration, wear and tear, reduces failure rates, and much more. Tapes take a lot of time to save and restore, and this means hours of business time lost.

We provide equal security and backup for all popular platforms, including legacy:

  •  Windows
    • 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/7/2008/2008BR
  • Mac OSX
  • Sun Solaris
  • Java2/J2ME
  • Novell
  • Linux/Unix/BSD

Protect All Devices

We’re also equipped to protect many different, crucial devices such as servers, desktops, notebooks, tablets, mobiles and much more. Mixed-device, mixed-platform environments are what we’re made for, and we can handle it all.

Why You Need Us

You need PCH Technologies’ reliable, full-scope backups to prevent any number of problems, not just including terrorism, sabotage, viruses/malware/ransomware. We’re also prepared to get you running after severe power failures, media degradation, natural disasters and much more.
You can’t predict disasters nor the forms they may take. It doesn’t matter in the end, because PCH Technologies has your back! We can save you crucial time and money in bouncing back from the unpredictable, no matter what.

To learn more about the crucial role played by digital backups, and how we use the latest in technologies to provide you peace of mind, fill out our contact form!

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