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Manufacturing Companies

Managed IT Services For Manufacturing Companies


We provide cyber risk assessments, comprehensive email security protection, ransomware protection, and business continuity and backup disaster recovery services.


We use the latest security technologies including artificial intelligence to work to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals to better protect your business.


We have the experience and expertise to identify and solve your IT and cybersecurity-related issues. We pride ourselves on having the top talent in the industry.

Computer IT Support for Manufacturers

Manufacturing has always been a deeply challenging sector to operate in, from the dawn of the assembly line in the industrial revolution and onward. As the availability of goods increased, so did the demand for these goods, in a vicious (but profitable) cycle that did nothing to make the whole ordeal any easier of course.

Manufacturing puts forth a lot of logistical and analytical challenges. Many of these, in fact, contributed to the initial heavy development of computers in the business world, tracking overhead, supply chain, orders, scheduling and early automation just to name a few.

In modern times, significant advances in computing technology have gone a very, very long way in reducing the bite of these challenges (some of which they initially caused the existence of). In the long run, this technology will save your company a lot of money by way of preventing disasters, optimizing the efficiency of your entire operation and, above all else, by the time saved making logistics and management so much faster and more simplistic on an applied level.

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Automation And Security

Managed IT infrastructures provide a safe, distributed platform that allows for reliable automation control that’s safe from system failures, as well as fully transparent to track efficiency, make for easy modification for new processes and allow for a safe sandbox for testing.

This allows the implementation of new processes or refined processes without worrying about grinding daily operations to a halt – something absolutely catastrophic for manufacturing firms for obvious reasons.

Along with this, they provide safe backups and secure environments that can prevent disastrous events brought on by cybercrime – malware, ransomware and potentially lethal sabotage that many ill-intended sharks out there would be happy to dispense in large quantities, sometimes just for the heck of it.

  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
  • Security Dashboard | Reporting
  • Critical Server \ Network Health and Up-time Monitoring
  • Cyber Security- RansomWare Protection (Bitcoin)
  • Office 365 Security
  • Cryptolocker Protection
  • Secure Password Management
  • Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Network Security

    Disaster Recovery Solutions

    • Data Center Collocation
    • On-site BDR Solutions
    • Offsite Replication Solutions
    • Cryptolocker Protection
    • Ransomware Protection
    • Workstation Backup
    • Server Image-Based Backup

    24x7 Operation, Delay Reduction, Reliable Schedules

    This sort of technology can also aid in continuous operation – something expected of most manufacturing facilities in this new global marketplace we find ourselves all operating within.

    The cloud-based setup means that system failures aren’t business-halting, preventing delays thanks to its distributed nature. This also allows for the keeping of consistent, always available schedules that can be viewed by everyone who needs to, even if an update is made in real time. Schedules being unavailable or changes not being instantly visible can cause severe problems that compound until resolved.

    Supply Chain Management

    Everyone being properly in communication alongside visible analytics and resource management allows for you to stay on top of the supply chain at all times. A failing, unstable or bottlenecked supply chain would obviously have grave consequences even on a good day. This too saves a lot of money and stress.

    Managed IT By PCH Technologies

    PCH Technologies’ managed IT infrastructure delivers all of this problem solving and disaster prevention with a quality and reliability nobody can really match. With seasoned experts, advanced resources and a focus on customer service and support exceeding industry standards, knowing you have IT by PCH Technologies mean knowing you have the best infrastructure you can get in the private sector. Don’t wait for technical glitches great or small to halt you in your tracks, let PCH Technologies help.

    Manufacturing Companies We Serve:

    • Aerospace/Automotive Manufacturers
    • Contract Manufacturers
    • Chemical/Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers
    • Petroleum, Chemicals and Plastics Manufacturers
    • Electronics, Computers and Transportation Manufacturers
    • Food Manufacturers
    • Metal Manufacturers
    • Wood, Leather and Paper Manufacturers

    If you’re manufacturing business is underprepared or struggling to maintain any facet of these areas, talk to PCH Technologies today. Fill out our contact form and we can help you get up to speed right away!

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