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Hospitality Industry

Managed IT Services for the Hospitality Industry


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Managed IT Services for the Hospitality Industry

Of all the businesses where “bells and whistles” are crucial to the operation, the hospitality industry is probably at the top of the list. Regardless of why people travel – work or leisure – they rely upon hospitality accommodations to quite literally be their home away from home. Over the centuries, the expectations from such businesses have changed and evolved quite significantly.

Where once, people were happy just to have a warm fire, a simple meal and a dry bed, the centuries of advancement and development have led to the expectations being very much higher than that in modern times. Even the simplest, most affordable lodging is expected to provide climate control, entertainment and internet access at the very least.

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Keeping The Hospitality Industry Connected

Of course, this goes beyond just what’s needed to maintain and operate these accommodations. The infrastructure needed to operate a modern hospitality business needs to be quite robust and reliable, due to the logistical and analytical challenges involved. There is a lot of maintenance and overhead involved in this industry, as well as a lot of coordination and of course, complex financial operations as well.

Thankfully, the information age has resulted in managed IT infrastructures that can make this possible without extreme stress or difficulty, while also factoring in some other variables that the social aspects of the internet now require hospitality providers to contend with on a daily basis.

Managed IT Services

Our top managed IT support services include:

WiFi and IT Security For The Hospitality Industry

People rely on WiFi far more than the complimentary telephone or television in their lodging these days, both for entertainment and communications. In many cases, they rely on this for business correspondence as well, given the very mobile nature of a lot of work these days. It’s true what they say, even on vacation, there’s no escaping some level of work obligation thanks to the concept of the truly virtual office.

This means that cybersecurity is of the utmost importance to protect your business and the privacy of your guests as well. A managed IT infrastructure makes implementing and maintaining this kind of security not only easy and convenient for you and your guests, but also reliable and foolproof as well.

Network Security

Managed Security Solutions:

POS And PCI Compliance For The Hospitality Industry

One of the biggest technical difficulties your business can face, especially in hospitality while dealing with weary travelers, is POS failure. Your POS system must remain online at all times to be able to process transactions so your customers can check in smoothly and get the peace and rest they sorely need. POS failures can really put a crimp in your reputation, deserved or not.

The same can be said for PCI compliance, ensuring secure, swift and full-spectrum support of pay cards, e-checks, online payment methods and so on. Managed IT infrastructures make keeping these up and running in a secure and reliable way a breeze.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Hospitality Businesses We Serve:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Bars, Clubs, Pubs
  • Travel Agencies
  • Tourism Facilities

If you’re business is suffering under the weight of IT capital expenses and you’re wondering how it will grow in the future, fill out our form today and see how managed IT services can help your company keep running smoothly, securely and economically.

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