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Cryptolocker Protection Services

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PCH offers business continuity and disaster recovery services to ensure that your business experiences no downtime if data loss occurs.


At PCH, we have the ability to eliminate your need for an in-house IT staff by handling all of your information technology support remotely.


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Cryptolocker Protection Services For New Jersey Businesses

While the digital world has done a lot to improve our lives, allowing us to do global business from even the comfort of our own homes if we want. We can store, create and access data rapidly, with deep search queries. We can perform advanced, complex calculations that make sophisticated business possible at blinding speeds once thought of as science fiction. Nothing in life is without trade-offs. While the digital world has made business more powerful and diverse, the risks that lurk in the shadows have evolved along with it, leaving your data vulnerable to theft, destruction or sabotage. PCH Technologies has provided advanced security, backup, and storage solutions for local businesses for years, and we work hard to include the latest technologies to always keep you one step ahead of the ever-changing world of digital threats. We never rest, so that you can with peace of mind.

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Ransomware is the biggest, most insidious threat to the digital world in recent years. This nefarious concept involves software sneaking into your system in the form of malware, a contaminated file or any of a whole host of other invasive forms of data. Once there, it will begin encrypting any or all files it’s designed to attack, rendering them completely unreadable by the programs designed to open them.

At this point, the cretins which deployed the software will attempt to coerce you into paying them vast sums of money for the cipher which will restore your data to its readable form. Sometimes, they will honor this arrangement, sometimes they will not.

Cryptolocker is one of the best-known strains of this evil software, and it has been known to strike small and medium businesses as a primary target. This has led to significant downtime as data is lost completely, or a lot of time is spent trying to hack things back to status quo with third-party ciphers that don’t always work.

Businesses that choose to give in to the pirates holding their data ransom often suffer severe financial losses as a result, and as said before, sometimes they don’t honor the agreement to restore the data to its previous state anyhow.

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PCH Technologies Cryptolocker Protection And Recovery Plan

At PCH Technologies, we have experts on hand to help you implement the best antivirus systems which go a long way towards preventing the incursion of the vile Cryptolocker ransomware. We’ll ensure that applications are patched and up-to-date, help you implement safety protocols for preventing the opening of questionable emails and links, and help you train all of your employees on these and other best practices.

Carelessness with antivirus definitions and opening dubious links/emails are the primary ways this evil construct gets into a system, and knowledge of this is the real power to prevent such dangers.

In some cases, when an incursion happens, it’s possible to undo the damage through adaptive algorithms and a lot of logical restoration. However, a solid 70% of the time, this cannot be done. This is why PCH Technologies recommends one of our state of the art backup and restoration services. Having a solid backup plan like this in place prevents not just ransomware, but other calamities as well.

To learn more about ransomware, other disasters, and our secure, reliable backup and restoration services, fill out the contact form below. PCH Technologies is here to help!

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