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Managed it Services

Empower Your Business To Do More With The Cloud

A company’s IT program is crucial to protecting data, and managing it constantly ensures the information remains secure. While you could do it yourself, outsourcing the management of your IT services to an IT services provider makes it more accessible. PCH Technologies provides companies like yours with enhanced cybersecurity and IT management services so they can focus on what matters the most — your business.


We provide cyber risk assessments, comprehensive email security protection, ransomware protection, and business continuity and backup disaster recovery services.


We use the latest security technologies including artificial intelligence to work to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals to better protect your business.


We have the experience and expertise to identify and solve your IT and cybersecurity-related issues. We pride ourselves on having the top talent in the industry.

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What Is Managed IT Support?

Managed IT support encompasses a third party, or a managed service provider (MSP), supporting IT by providing managed services that focus on general functions and tasks involving IT, including:

  • Infrastructure management
  • System administration
  • Database management
  • Network administration
  • Data backup and recovery
  • IT support

The MSP holds responsibility for maintaining, implementing and staying aware of digital security changes, updates and risks. Our team’s experience positions us to offer other solutions, including solving IT issues and performing routine tasks efficiently to preserve your staff’s time and focus. Depending on your needs and preferences, providers can partially or fully manage IT services.

Companies in various sectors can benefit from outsourced IT-managed services. The MSP you partner with handles all the IT operations so your company can focus on its main tasks and operations. Implementing managed IT services is an excellent solution when you want optimal security for your company’s customer and employee data. These solutions are also ideal for leveraging the expertise and availability of an in-house team for a vast range of IT requirements at a reduced expense, with more access to specialists.

Our IT Management Services

At PCH Technologies, we offer fully managed IT services for businesses, helping empower them to do more. Our managed IT services plans provide:

  • Advanced security: Staying ahead is vital when it comes to cybersecurity. We use the latest security technologies, including artificial intelligence, to remain vigilant in protecting your business. Our cybersecurity services include regular cyber risk assessments, ransomware protection, email security protection, backup recovery and business continuity recovery services to safeguard company information and educate your team on digital scams.
  • Industry experts: Working with PCH Technologies means you can access industry experts who are always ready to help manage and solve your IT issues. Our team has many years of experience and expertise to identify and solve cybersecurity and IT-related problems. You can trust that our industry experts will provide your company with top protection services.

Co-Managed IT Services

In addition to fully managed IT services, PCH Technologies also offers co-managed IT services.

Take an involved or hands-off approach to your tech stack. Our experts will work independently or collaborate with your team to ensure security, optimization, support, cloud integration and other tasks align with your technical direction. We will assess your technology’s capabilities, recommend network changes and leverage our expertise as your sole IT team or in combination with internal employees.

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Why Consider Our Services?

Choosing the right provider for managed IT services is critical to ensuring your company’s network remains safe. If you work with an IT provider that doesn’t offer high-quality services, their managed support plans could do more harm than good and become a liability. At PCH Technologies, we ensure you receive supportive and proactive IT services. When you partner with us, you experience several benefits, including:

Increased Efficiency for the In-House Team

Whether you choose partial or fully managed IT services, outsourcing your IT operations makes it easier for your in-house team to work more efficiently and productively. As your IT support provider, we will handle the administrative tasks. Instead of your in-house team focusing on routine tasks like network monitoring, data backups or hardware updates, they will have more time to focus on other business-related tasks or improve your overall technology situation.


Outsourcing your IT management is cost-effective and can save your business money. With PCH Technologies, you can reduce your employee overhead and direct your resources toward improving your top line by paying a monthly fee for our expert services.

More Predictable Expenses

We understand planning the budget is crucial for the success of your business. Our subscription comes with a fixed monthly price, making budgeting easy for your business.

Enhanced Monitoring Support

We offer around-the-clock monitoring and support, providing continuous protection against potential threats. This service ensures a timely response to security incidents, even outside regular business hours.

We are equipped to respond rapidly to security incidents. Our experience and preparedness can minimize the impact of a breach and facilitate a quicker recovery.


Our team is available 24/7 to respond whenever an IT or cybersecurity issue arises. All IT professionals on our staff are experts in their field, providing knowledgeable insight while managing IT systems.

What Kind Of Managed Services Do We Offer?

The High Cost of Downtime

Avoiding downtime is crucial to keeping your clients happy and operations moving. When we detect an issue, we take immediate action to identify, isolate and resolve the problem quickly, minimizing any potential impact on your business operations.

Benefits of Working With PCH Technologies

Our success in serving local companies led to the expansion of our services to organizations throughout the tri-state area.

As proven by multiple honors and recognitions, our clients benefit from our services backed by strong, visionary and proactive leadership with decades of experience and a diverse pool of resources with deep subject matter expertise.

What We Do Best:

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Client Testimonials

Read testimonials from real clients to see how our managed IT services have helped their businesses.

Robert Gatta
Data Display – ceo

William Hoffman
Hoffman’s Exterminating – ceo

Learn More About Our Managed IT Service Plans

PCH Technologies offers IT management services nationwide for organizations of all sizes. Whether you need partial or fully managed IT support, we are here for you. Learn more about our managed IT services when you schedule a discovery call today.

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