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Why Co-Managed IT Services Exist

These days, all large organizations need IT services of one kind or another. There are basically two ways to handle this need: The in-house approach and the outsourced approach. Thus, your first choice will be whether or not to outsource your IT needs to a third-party company.

This might be a tough decision if you are happy with your current in-house team. Thankfully, you don’t always have to make a hard choice here. It is possible (and, some might say, preferable) to use both an in-house team and an outsourced support plan. By dividing their responsibilities, you can create what is called a co-managed IT service plan.

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Won't That Be Twice As Expensive?

Some of our clients have asked this question, and the answer is usually no. When you go with a co-managed approach, you will have to “trim the fat” a little bit. This means downsizing in-house workers who aren’t necessary, and it also means limiting the scope of your outsourced plan. In the end, co managed IT services can sometimes be the cheapest route.

So, what makes the difference between an expensive co-managed plan and an affordable one? The answer is good setup and management. By eliminating redundancy between the two halves of the IT plan, streamlining existing processes, and negotiating a plan that fits your business model, you can turn this into a versatile and affordable option.

Benefits Of Co Managed IT Services

In many cases, the needs of a company cannot be fully served with either the in-house or outsourced methods. If you choose to employ a custom mixture of the two, here are some of the benefits that can be expected.

1. Cost Reduction

When your IT needs are large, your expenses can become equally large. This creates a problem for those who choose a purely in-house path. By the time you hire enough people to reliably deal with all of your tech matters, you can end up with a large and bloated department.

Of course, a similar problem can occur if you go with an entirely outsourced approach. When your needs are exceptionally large, your service plan will reflect that size. Likewise, it can sometimes be a lot more expensive than necessary. The co-managed approach offers a lot more flexibility, and that usually translates to cost-reducing opportunities.

2. Total Flexibility

This really is one of the best things about a co-management plan. When you are mixing your approach, it becomes like a fine recipe. You can tweak and adjust things in such a way as to be more cost-efficient and more effective in terms of service quality. Mostly, that comes down to putting the right people on the right tasks and eliminating redundancy.

When you choose a courteous and reputable co managed IT support provider like PCH, it is possible to work out a plan that is perfect for your organization. Instead of working around your IT needs, you can make them work around you!

3. Increased Efficiency For The In-House Team

IT management involves many tasks, both large and small. However, the small and routine tasks tend to waste the most time. Instead of really trying to improve things, an overtaxed in-house team will spend most of their time fixing minor problems. One might argue that it’s part of their job to do so (and it is), but wouldn’t you rather have their talents put to better use?

When you go with a co-managed approach, you can outsource all of those little routine tasks, freeing up your most talented on-site people to focus on other things. Basically, you can use your outsourced services to keep things stable, while relying on your in-house team to work on streamlining, improvement, and the remediation of major problems.

4. Security Benefits

As we said, it is always good to eliminate redundancy in your co-managed plan. However, there is one area in which you want as much redundancy as possible, and that is security. Redundancy means more chances for an attacker to be detected and thwarted, so you want as much of that as possible! This is how you create a “layered” security system that functions much like a set of concentric walls.

Co-managed IT security services allow one half to constantly keep an eye on the other half. Even if there is total trust between all parties involved (which is rare), there is still a need to guard against mistakes. For instance, if one person clicks on a tainted link in a phishing email, it can compromise an entire company. However, if the results of that action are detected early, damage can usually be avoided. By having both an in-house security layer and an outsourced security layer, you make it that much harder for an intruder to get through.

Dividing The Responsibilities

As we have said, the creation of a great co-managed IT plan involves dividing the responsibilities in an efficient and effective way. While this will be different for every organization, we want to give you a general idea of how it should work.

Anything that involves constant or near-constant monitoring should be outsourced. For instance, network security monitoring. This is used to detect suspicious “packets” of internet data and stop them before they cause trouble. However, in order to be effective, this kind of thing needs to be done 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

It is cost-effective for an external IT services organization (like ours) to monitor those networks on a 24/7 basis. We are already doing that for many customers, so there is no need to create new infrastructure or to train new people specifically for that job. However, for your in-house team (which is paid by the hour, presumably), it is a waste of skilled labor.


At PCH Technologies, one of our specialties is the creation of excellent co-managed plans. We enjoy working with our customers to give them a plan that suits their needs perfectly. Like a good tailor, we can help you to provide your IT operations with a perfect fit. If you would like to learn more, you can call us at (856) 754-7500.

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