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MANAGED IT SERVICES FOR the transportation industry

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Managed IT Services for The Transportation Industry

The transportation industry, be it freight or passenger, is a very unique industry with its own special challenges and hurdles. Over the past century, transportation has changed and evolved rapidly, and not just in the sense of vehicles and infrastructure. The dawn of the global economy, fluctuating customer attitudes, and needs, the increasing demand for “mail order” retail via the internet – all of these have more than contributed to the constant flux and challenge of the industry.

Obviously, these challenges and demands manifest primarily as managerial, analytical and logistical hurdles. Thankfully, the same digital age that’s increased these demands on transportation infrastructure has also led to fantastic innovations that can take a bite out of the challenges.

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24X7 Operations

One of the biggest challenges overall is that of the modern world that never rests. Transportation literally can never stop nowadays, with freight or passengers constantly on the move. This, of course, produces difficulties with scheduling, maintenance, time management, and a good deal more.

Along with this continuous operation and availability, daily schedules must also be dependable and accessible at all times, as well as being up to date. If one of these variables fails, the entire operation can grind to a halt, the mess compounding exponentially until resolved.

Managed IT Services

Our Top Managed IT Support Services Include:

Supply Chain Management For The Transportation Industry

Along with managing schedules, maintenance, and continuous operation, proper supply chain management is also a significant challenge. Like any other form of resource management, this can be a major headache without access to tight data control, secure and available records, and of course, clear communications across the board.

Failure of the supply chain can result in far-reaching problems beyond just the arrival of freight. Without digital frameworks to enable real-time communications, shared databases for inventory and overhead, and other logistical factors that pair in with these considerations, managing your supply chain can be almost impossible in this modern world.

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Managed Security Solutions:

Managed IT Solutions By PCH Technologies:

PCH Technologies’ managed IT solutions have been engineered to suit a wide variety of industry needs, while still being able to specialize in the needs of specific sectors. Taking advantage of distributed cloud computing and storage, data is updated real-time and made available immediately to everyone who needs it the moment they do. This allows the constant availability and 24×7 seamless operation that the transportation industry absolutely must demand to perform admirably. Along with this, the native mobile compatibility ensures that everyone can easily share this information and remain in constant communication. Timesheets are always filled out in completion, inspections are thorough and complete, changes are implemented smoothly and uniformly, and everything else. PCH Technologies’ top-of-the-line managed IT infrastructure is also as secure as secure can be, protecting you from malware, ransomware and hardware failures ensuring your infrastructure can be relied on just as the world relies on your transport to make the wheels turn. The digital age has reshaped the way the world at large works, and in order to work with such a brave new world, you can’t do without a solid managed IT service to help stay on top of it all. This is what PCH Technologies does best, you can count on that.

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Transportation Industries We Serve:

  • Airlines
  • Railway and Train Companies
  • Trucking Companies
  • Taxi Companies
  • Maritime
  • Air and Express Delivery Services
  • Vehicle Rental Companies

If you’re IT needs are a sore point in your transportation business, fill out our form and find out what our small business IT services can do for you today. Our managed IT systems can handle all your needs and have you running smoothly as your business grows.

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Our Top Services Include:

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