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File Integrity Monitoring For NJ Businesses

Data is big business these days, not just for those businesses providing, analyzing or curating it. In this modern digital world we live in, where everything is handled through data – communications, financial transactions, purchases, business information, and money itself – file integrity is crucial for a host of reasons. This may sound like an odd concern compared to things like flat out ransomware, malware and the like, but believe it or not, discrepancies in files are often the first signs and symptoms of such problematic incursions, but those aren’t the only things that can cause file integrity problems. The results of this kind of degradation are many, the least of which being unreliability. File integrity goes above and beyond just documents and system files, but also includes executables, DLL files, processes and databases as well. PCH Technologies are experts in monitoring file integrity and can spot and combat the causes and symptoms of these problems. We’re prepared to handle the many threats that can cause this, and offer a wide array of solutions to recover damaged information, and closely monitor the integrity of this information.

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Malware can begin messing with data in ways not immediately visible. With proper integrity monitoring, which can be as simple as consistent CRC32 comparison, all the way up to virtualized rapid comparison on a byte-per-byte level. While antivirus and antimalware solutions go a long way toward preventing malware, sometimes a definition isn’t readily available, because these mutate just like the cold or the flu, albeit with the guidance of intelligence. Integrity monitoring can help to spot these problems before antivirus systems can, and with immediate response software, this can be dealt with before the damage becomes truly severe. Coupled with our data recovery and backup systems, and the bite of this kind of problem is more of a bark at worst.


Most viruses and malware work by embedding themselves into files, and sneaking into memory where they can execute. These can embed in all manner of a file, though binaries like DLLs, executables and similar types are the prime candidates for this. Like with malware, sometimes antivirus software can’t spot these before damage is done due to how sneaky they are and how often they change.

Integrity monitoring will notice that something’s not quite right, and provide an opportunity to act before these things can do real damage.

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Tampering/Compliance Issues

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes employees tamper with systems to run things they shouldn’t or don’t obey compliance restrictions put into place. File integrity monitoring can quickly spot these sorts of things, and provide further opportunities to eliminate these issues before they get out of hand.

To learn more about how integrity monitoring works, and the host of problems they can help to prevent, as well as services we offer to help recover from significant damage, fill out our contact form below. This is too important to delay!

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