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You Can’t Afford To Ignore The Dark Web…


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Dark Web Monitoring Services For Business

We’ve all heard stories about the Dark Web. While its reputation of being cloaked in secrecy and mystery is intriguing, most of us probably conclude there is little reason to risk visiting the seedy underbelly of the Internet. However, as a business owner, there are some things you should know about the Dark Web and how it can impact your company.

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What Is The Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a portion of the Internet that is not reachable through a normal web browser, nor do its sites appear in search engines such as Google. Using a special browser, people can access websites in a near-anonymous, untraceable way. Clearly, the reasons for such privacy have to do with the illegal nature of much of what is on the Dark Web. Hackers sell stolen logins, credit card information and other sensitive data. There are also sites that serve as a sort of Amazon or eBay for illegal goods and drugs. What does all this have to do with your business?

What Is Dark Web Monitoring?

While many businesses don’t think they need to worry about the Dark Web at all, the truth is that stolen login credentials, technical information about system design and even financial information is often stolen and then sold on the Dark Web. Deep Web monitoring services regularly check the Dark Web for references to your name or company, helping you get out in front of any data breaches.

Dark Web Monitoring For Business Includes But Is Not Limited To:

  • Prevent data breaches of sensitive corporate information
  • Actionable attack intelligence (will you be hacked tomorrow?)
  • Know when company credentials have been compromised
  • Prevent employee identify theft
  • Sensitive data exposed through unsecure file transfers
    • Data leaks through staff oversight
    • Compromised employee accounts and company servers
    • Company consumer data being sold on the underground black market
    • Stolen financial data (credit, debit, PayPal and other systems)
    • Botnet depositories monitoring

    How PCH Technologies Protects Your Business From The Dark Web:

    PCH’s dark web scan systems work proactively by regularly scanning for any possible information on your company that appears on the Dark Web. Once data is stolen, its usually hard to get it taken down from the Dark Web, but by knowing about it early on, passwords can be changed, compromised credit cards closed and other actions can be taken to render the stolen data useless. Since there are also regulatory rules about stating data breaches, PCH’s dark web threat intelligence algorithms can help you properly report breaches to protect your reputation.

    Learn more about how we protect your business from the Dark Web in this brochure:

    Are Your Digital Credentials For Sale on the Dark Web?

    Why Dark Web Monitoring Services Are Important For Your Business:

    You might think your business isn’t big or important enough to be a target for hackers. But the truth is, viruses and spyware often harvest this sensitive information. Even small companies could be targeted.

    Do you know what’s going on regarding your company on the Dark Web? If not, fill out PCH’s contact form today and get our monitoring systems up and running! Sleep easy knowing your company is safe and secure.

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