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pci compliance


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PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a set of guidelines put forth by the major credit card companies including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. It’s a set of uniform standards designed to keep consumers’ private data safe. If your business processes credit card transactions or stores customers’ credit card information, you’ll need to be PCI compliant to work with the major credit card issuers. Not sure where to begin? PCH Technologies can help.>

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What Is PCI Compliance?

Becoming PCI compliant means meeting certain security standards in the areas in which your company touches customers’ payment information. To comply with the requirements, your company may need to increase the security of its local area network. You may also need to confirm that any web hosting companies, data center providers and cloud service providers that you utilize are also PCI compliant.

What Are The PCI Compliance Requirements For Business?

Some of the measures that your company may need to implement for PCI compliance include:

  • A firewall to prevent unauthorized entry into your company’s network
  • Strong passwords that would be impossible to guess with a standard dictionary attack
  • Encryption to protect stored customer data
  • Secure connections for all channels over which you transmit customer data
  • Strong antivirus software for all servers and workstations
  • Installation of security patches to fix known software vulnerabilities
  • Policy changes to limit access to private customer information to those who truly require it
  • Establishment of an audit trail to record all instances in which employees access, modify or transmit customer data
  • Routine testing and monitoring to ensure that your company remains PCI compliant

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How Can PCH Technologies Help With PCI Compliance?

PCI compliance isn’t easy when you may not even fully understand what your business must do to comply. We’ll explain what the requirements are for a company of your size and identify the areas in which you already comply. If your organization isn’t PCI compliant already, we’ll outline a road map to compliance and explain what we can do to increase your security.

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PCI compliance is mandatory for any business that accepts credit card transactions. Has your company taken the necessary steps to comply? Complete the form now to schedule a consultation and learn more about what you must do to protect your customers’ private information.

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