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Microsoft Azure Migration

Across the world, one small or medium business after another is migrating its digital operations to the cloud — and Microsoft Azure is the platform that many of those companies are choosing. Since it’s likely that your company already uses Microsoft’s operating systems and applications, migrating that software to the Microsoft Azure cloud is a natural choice.

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What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is one of the world’s largest and most powerful cloud computing platforms. Running your company’s internal applications on the Microsoft Azure platform — or using the Microsoft Azure infrastructure for data storage — gives your company nearly limitless scalability and availability. Microsoft Azure is also the platform of choice for running Microsoft’s applications — such as Office — from the cloud.

Migrate With Minimal Business Impact

Migrating to the cloud can be a major challenge for a company of any size. That’s why Microsoft offers the Azure Migrate tool. Azure Migrate evaluates your company’s current infrastructure and applications to determine which applications and services are ready for an immediate transition to the cloud. Azure Migrate also identifies applications that have potential compatibility or dependency issues. Azure Migrate makes the migration process easier by preventing you from doing anything that could disrupt your operations.

Benefits to Migrating with Azure

With data centers around the world, the Microsoft Azure cloud scales to meet any level of demand. Applications that utilize machine learning or process big data are natural fits for Microsoft Azure. The Microsoft Azure cloud also has a simple pricing structure in which you only pay for the resources that you actually use. Compared to a traditional data center environment in which you pay to utilize servers that are idle much of the time, the Azure cloud can greatly decrease your company’s IT costs.

Are you ready to begin your company’s digital transformation? The Microsoft Azure cloud can help you position your business for growth while making your digital operations more efficient and less costly. The Azure Cloud can handle any workload. With data centers around the world, the Azure cloud can also help to keep your business safe from disasters that would otherwise result in data loss.

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