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PCH offers business continuity and disaster recovery services to ensure that your business experiences no downtime if data loss occurs.


At PCH, we have the ability to eliminate your need for an in-house IT staff by handling all of your information technology support remotely.


We have the experience and the resources to identify and solve your IT-related problems. That’s what IT consulting is—both simple and powerful.

Information Technology Assessments

Information Technology is a central aspect of nearly every company in the world today. Even if you don’t have a server offering a customer-facing service, you probably have a digital database of your customers. Your employees use their computers to create documents and communicate with clients. Your office has an Internet connection that serves as your connection to the outside world. It’s also a potential point of entry for a hacker. How does your company’s IT department measure up? Are you operating as efficiently as possible? Does your company have a weakness that a hacker could exploit? An Information Technology assessment from PCH Technologies can answer those questions.

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What Is An Information Technology Assessment?

An IT Assessment is a thorough examination of your company’s digital ecosystem. During the assessment, we’ll study your company’s computing hardware, software and network infrastructure to determine how your organization can become safer, more efficient and more profitable.

Areas Examined During Your Information Technology Assessment

We tailor our IT assessments to the needs of our clients. Depending on your company’s IT setup, some of the areas that we will examine include:
  • Your servers: Are they up to date and secure? Do they provide the necessary computing power to facilitate future growth?
  • Your workstations: Are they efficient, or do they hamper your employees’ ability to complete routine tasks? Are all installed applications up to date, or do potential security holes exist?
  • Your network infrastructure: Does your network configuration have any bottlenecks that can hamper performance? Have you taken the necessary steps to keep hackers out?

Audit Your Existing Cyber Security Infrastructure

Close Any Gaps And Strengthen Security Measures And Processes

Carefully Monitor And Proactively Assist Your Security Infrastructure

What Our IT Assessment Process Includes

An IT assessment from PCH Technologies includes a comprehensive examination of every digital device and application that your company utilizes in house, within a data center and in the cloud. We’ll provide a map of your company’s digital ecosystem to help you understand your resource distribution. We’ll also provide a report with actionable steps that you can take to improve efficiency and security.

If your company doesn’t have an internal IT staff capable of implementing our recommendations, we’ll create a plan of action for having the professionals at PCH Technologies perform the work for you.

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An IT assessment from PCH Technologies simplifies your company’s complex technological structure and provides a concrete roadmap toward your future growth. Complete the form now to learn more about how an IT assessment can aid in your organization’s digital transformation.

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