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Managed security service provider (mssp)

What Is The Difference Between Managed Security Services And Standard Security?


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Managed Security Service Provider

A managed security service has a multitude of advantages over standard local security measures. The key difference is that managed security is an outsourced service provided by a third party who specializes in the sector. Unlike standard local digital security, an MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) can dedicate their time to managing your Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) tools, firewalls, antivirus systems, intrusion detection and prevention and of course, vulnerability/compliance management. This contrasts strongly when compared to standard security measures which involve all security software and hardware be present on-site along with an expert staff of IT professionals specializing in managing all of the previously mentioned systems. All of this would, of course, be at your organization’s expense entirely.

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Why So Many Organizations Are Going With MSS

Like viruses and bacteria in the real world, computer viruses, worms, malware, ransomware and other more intelligent digital threats continue to evolve every day. As new technologies shape a new kind of digital landscape, these threats seek out new exploits and new weaknesses in an organization’s armor.

They will find such a weakness or exploit, if proper security measures aren’t taken. Unfortunately, maintaining such security is a major task, as it too has to constantly evolve and advance to combat these threats. This requires sophisticated software and a significant level of expertise in many IT fields to accomplish. This is understandably time consuming and expensive.

Leveraging PC Technology’s MSS solves both the challenge of maintaining up-to-date and powerful security, as well as alleviating much of the expense involved in achieving such. Security services, specializing in this sector, are more affordable due to the operating cost being distributed across many clients. They also, in turn, have the time to dedicate to nothing but the security of their clients 24x7x365, leaving your organization to focus on what you do best.

Our system is equipped with intuitive event correlation coupled with sophisticated threat intelligence, which can detect even the most obscure blind spots and exploits. We can, therefore, ensure total protection, and with our easy-to-use, powerful client portal, we can do so while providing you with complete visibility and transparency.

The Two Types Of Managed Security Services

Fully-Managed: Fully-managed systems are ideal for organizations that don’t already own security devices nor have an in-depth infrastructure in place. PC Technologies will provide integrated tools to enable us to monitor and manage all of your security concerns 24x7x365. Smaller businesses or those looking to not buy into equipment of their own are well-served by this approach.

Co-Managed: Organizations that already own security devices and/or have a significant infrastructure in place will find co-managed services to be ideal. This allows us to utilize your existing tools to provide 24x7x365 management and monitoring more on your organization’s terms and with your specified equipment. This alleviates your IT department of the time-consuming tasks of maintaining and operating this infrastructure and provides a constant monitoring presence even during non-business time periods.

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Carefully Monitor And Proactively Assist Your Security Infrastructure

How MSS Helps Your Organization

  • Security Intelligence: Have constantly up-to-date security specifications delivered directly by our threat analysis labs. The moment a new type of cyber-attack or malicious code is discovered and properly documented, the count is immediately protected.
  • Optimal Efficiency: Count on no time nor resources being wasted on erroneous detection or false positives thanks to our strict policies and procedures, while also being guaranteed rapid response when actual threats such as cyber-attacks do occur.
  • Compliance Management: Save significant time on compliance assessments thanks to our automated, asset-based analysis systems.
  • Reduced Costs: Leverage a team of expert security specialists for a small percentage of the price of having them on-site on your own payroll.

What Our Managed Security Provides:

  • Monitoring, Defense & Response: Our advanced R&D labs are constantly monitoring and analyzing all attempted cyber-attacks and malicious code, to provide always up-to-date defenses as digital threats continue to evolve. Coupling this with our advanced, rapid-response security intelligence systems means that you are always protected from the latest dangers.
  • Managed Security Assets/Asset Management Services: PC Technologies provides comprehensive 24x7x365 asset management services for any scale of business or organization. Not only can you count on evolving, rapid defense, but you can count on the constant availability of advanced security devices to enhance this protection even further.
  • Vulnerability Management: We offer top-of-the-line vulnerability and compliance management by providing comprehensive scans, both internal and external across your entire IT infrastructure. We monitor hosts, web applications, network assets, databases and much more.
  • Comprehensive Log Management: We provide the best possible log management services. Security events, hosts, critical applications and everything in between are correlated, collected and logged for our expert security staff to further enhance our next-generation security intelligence systems.

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