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One Unprotected Mobile Device Can Cause Catastrophic Data Loss. Are You At Risk?


PCH offers business continuity and disaster recovery services to ensure that your business experiences no downtime if data loss occurs.


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Mobile Device Management Services

The promise of cloud computing brings with it increased possibilities for decreasing company equipment and servers and relying on devices users and even clients may already have. However, figuring out how to properly deploy or migrate existing systems can be difficult. Take a look at how mobile device management services can change the way you do business.

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Mobile device management, and the meraki mobile device management solution in particular, is built around the idea of “bringing your own device” or BYOD. For many companies the costs of maintaining a large array of uniform devices that may only be used in a small way for their employees is prohibitive. For example, perhaps GPS needs to be used to track deliveries or employee locations to assign out new work on the fly. A fleet of iPhones would be a costly way to provide such a service. And chances are, every employee already is coming to work with a GPS-enabled phone. This is where mobile device management services can make a huge difference in the bottom line without compromising work standards. Mobile device management security keeps data secure and encrypted regardless of where the employee is or what kind of device they are using.

Mobile Device Management Solutions

Our powerful meraki mobile device management solutions are built around principals of cloud computing. The actual device being connected is abstracted to be treated identically as others on the network. Enterprise mobile management dashboard allow the employer to build policies and place them into effect on any devices. Employees connect to the network thus initially updates and enforcing of policies related to their work. These solutions give employers access to all the data that is already being collected by mobile devices and can also help coalesce it into meaningful reports.

Benefits of Mobile Device Management:

Mobile device management helps new employees get up and running quickly. It also allows for companies with a transient or part-time workforce – such as a gig economy – to control their data and systems without spending most of their capital on special devices set up to handle these situations, devices that could be lost, damaged or misplaced.

Here are a few MDM advantages:

  • Gain control of your mobile inventory with the ability to provision and track devices.
  • Enforce governance and compliance and protect the organization from corporate data loss.
  • Improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of support for mobile users.
  • Deliver secure access to business resources through extended IT security policies and the ability to prevent unauthorized devices or usage.
  • Improve control of BYOD initiatives and gain the ability to configure device settings and policies that separate corporate data from private content.
  • Automate IT processes and workflows and reduce the costs associated with device enrolment, software upgrades and application distribution.
  • Increase the visibility of mobile assets, costs, exceptions and threats.

Mobile management is the future. Just like we no longer use beepers, company-issued phones or GPS may also soon be a thing of the past. Employees get more freedom of what types of devices to use and employers get the control and access they need to get the job done.

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