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7 Advantages of Mobile Device Management With Cisco Meraki

7 Advantages of Mobile Device Management With Cisco Meraki

Does your company provide mobile devices to employees or allow employees to bring their own devices to work? If you do, you know that managing corporate devices manually is a constant headache. Your IT department needs to work constantly to provision new devices, configure those devices, remove data from the devices of terminated employees, monitor for potential security breaches, and more. There is a better way. Mobile device management from Cisco Meraki works with all popular mobile operating systems. It increases the security of your corporate data and allows your IT staff to work more efficiently.

Let’s learn more about what Cisco Meraki can do for your company.

Regulatory Compliance

To comply with data protection regulations, your company needs an ironclad security policy for devices containing private data. Mobile device management makes it easy to establish a strong security policy. It also allows you to create an audit trail that records when data is accessed or changed.

Cisco Meraki Supports BYOD

Cisco Meraki makes it easy for your company to allow employees to use their own devices for work. You can create and manage a work partition on each device while still allowing employees to use their devices for whatever they like when they’re away from work.

Remote Management of Users and Devices

Cisco Meraki gives your IT staff a dashboard showing the current status of every managed device. If a device is lost or stolen, you’ll know immediately. With Meraki management, your staff can manage all devices from a single interface — no matter where those devices are.

Controlled Device Updates

For maximum security — and compliance with data protection regulations — your company needs to install security patches the moment they become available. Cisco Meraki makes the software update process seamless and automatic.

Application Control

Mobile device management allows your company to control the applications that employees can install on their devices. If you haven’t whitelisted an application, it will not install. If your company stops using an application, you can remove it from employees’ devices remotely.

Security Policy Enforcement

Your company already has a security policy in place to protect workstations connected to your network. With mobile device management, you can apply the same security policy to mobile devices.

Cisco Meraki Revolutionizes Modern Networking

Mobile device management from Cisco Meraki allows your company to control wireless devices as if they were standard workstations — even if those devices are nowhere near your office. Cisco Meraki eliminates the manual work of device provisioning and configuration. It allows you to keep your data safe. Cisco Meraki also makes it easy for employees to use their own devices for work.

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