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Can Managed IT Service Plans Reduce Your Total IT Costs?

Can Managed IT Service Plans Reduce Your Total IT Costs?

Managed IT services help reduce risk exposure by protecting data and ensuring network compliance. But these small business computer support companies play a vital role in reducing IT costs overall too. Most analysts agree that partnering with a managed IT service provider enhances the customer experience and contributes to higher profits.

For many organizations, a comprehensive managed IT solution is the missing piece to the puzzle. More often than not, the lack of a managed service keeps businesses from finding success. While it is possible to get by with a dependable in-house IT department, protecting your company network and data is undeniably a round-the-clock affair. Yet paying full-time employees to monitor your network 24/7/365 is expensive.

All businesses can expect to incur both capital and cyclical costs. There are expenditures related to brand development and marketing, customer service, accounting, routine equipment upgrades, and more. A keen business owner always aims to shrink the cost of these services while upholding a high premium for the delivery of the company’s goods and services. From accounting software to business continuity management applications, emergent technology has come a long way in helping pave the path to realizing IT cost savings. You can even find software specifically designed to help reduce IT costs along with related production expenses.

Business leaders often ask themselves whether or not their on-premises IT staff possesses the necessary skills to handle the most complex IT-related tasks. This is particularly true if the company is undergoing a substantial digital transformation initiative. With so many sweeping changes to technology in recent years, keeping pace with the fast rate of accelerated change in IT can be a challenge. Communication security, off-site data storage, global currency transmissions are all enhanced by outsourcing your IT requirements to a managed service.

Here are just a few additional ways managed IT service plans can reduce your total IT expenditures:

Cybersecurity risks

While not widely covered in the press, malware attacks are on the rise. Attackers have refocused their efforts on small businesses as enterprise companies deploy their expansive budgets to bolster their network security. Production downtime and data breaches resulting in theft or reputation loss illustrate the two primary risks associated with a malware attack. These events can be devastating to a business independently and catastrophic when combined.

Some estimates show the average hour of network downtime costs businesses $8600, and potentially more in related losses. If your company operates on a thin budget, system downtime lasting more than a day could be difficult to overcome. In the event of a disruption, a managed service provider can leverage their specialized resources to help get your network back online as quickly as possible.

Data breaches, on the other hand, where sensitive customer information is at risk, can impact your company in two distinct ways. Foremost, a data breach accounts for a very serious cybersecurity incident in which a malicious hacker steals tremendously valuable information from your network. This crime should be approached and regarded no differently than any other type of asset theft. Secondly, data breaches impact your brand reputation, the effect of which may last for years. In many cases, breaches on critical or customer data can cost businesses indefinitely.

Production gains

Surely, at some stage of your career, you’ve encountered at least one employee who can’t begin working until 30 minutes after the start of his shift because that’s how long it takes his machine to boot up each day. Slow and unreliable networks and equipment cost companies money. Your employees must stay equipped to communicate efficiently with both internal staff and external clients at all times. There’s little room for needless operational inefficiency on this front.

The technology you have in use is just as essential as maintaining a flawless network. Outmoded or improperly updated computers and network devices and the wrong software tools can substantially cut into business productivity. Optimal IT function depends on these components working correctly 24-hours a day. When you have the right software and equipment in place, downtime is reduced, and productivity increases so your team can accomplish more of their core tasks in less time.

IT infrastructure cost savings

While managed services protect your IT infrastructure by preventing attacks, they can also help with hardware procurement. Acquisition and disposition of IT equipment procedures are often as baffling as they are costly. A managed IT service provider can facilitate everything from individual workstations to setting up global company network servers in a coordinated, efficient, and cost-saving manner.

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