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Cybersecurity is No Longer Optional

Cybersecurity is No Longer Optional

For this Tuesday with Tim, I wanted to talk about how important it is for every business and organization to take cybersecurity seriously.  

Recently there have been several incidents of cyber-attacks targeted at large companies such as the Colonial Pipeline that was shut down due to ransomware. Today, JBS USA, the world’s largest meat supplier, was forced to shut down affected plants across the United States and Australia following a cyberattack. 

When serious companies like a pipeline or a global meat supplier get attacked, it affects everyone’s life. In my opinion, it is every business and organization’s responsibility to have proper cybersecurity in place as part of its corporate responsibility. It is ultimately an issue of safety; you would not want your employees driving in an unsafe vehicle that could hurt other drivers, or themselves. In the same respect, you need to keep your business safe to not affect your customers, vendors, or the supply chain in the case of a cyberattack.  

There have been many cases of small and medium businesses across the county also experiencing cyberattacks that often time go unreported by the media. So how can a person start to put in proper cybersecurity programs? A cybersecurity risk assessment tailored to your business is a good place to start. The results of the risk assessment you may find there are things you can change that are little or no cost but can dramatically improve your cybersecurity posture.  

It is imperative to understand now where your company stands when it comes to your cybersecurity posture. If you wait too long to accurately assess your current situation it could be too late, which could, in turn, affect a number of different people and companies in your life.