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How Can SentinelOne Protect My Business?

How Can SentinelOne Protect My Business?

With cyberattacks on the rise and growing more sophisticated with each day, data protection for businesses that handle secure information remains a top priority. Nevertheless, even as breaches reach an all-time high, studies show that companies aren’t focusing on their networks and the various cyber security threats to which they’re vulnerable enough.

To complicate the situation further, many businesses have been forced to perform on slim budgets as operating costs have drastically increased. Furthermore, security teams and risk managers find themselves overworked to fend off an onslaught of new attacks. The upshot of this is that business leaders are searching for automated security solutions to protect their assets while easing the pressure on their in-house IT and security teams.

SentinelOne is undoubtedly one of the best solutions for business owners interested in eliminating resource-intensive investigative and correlative processes and relieving work stress in their security operations centers.

What Is SentinelOne’s Endpoint Security Platform?

SentinelOne provides companies with a machine learning-based security solution that automates threat hunting and detection while prioritizing breach and threat response across the entire enterprise in order of importance. SentinelOne’s AI endpoint security solution ensures deep visibility into potential threats and optimal control over company networks so you and your IT teams have a precise level of security control.

SentinelOne empowers companies with swift access to solutions that solve the most complex threats while ensuring that routine maintenance requirements and inspections are met across all their networks. How else can SentinelOne benefit your business? For starters, threat detection, identification, and response are automated so you can quickly identify network abnormalities and suspicious behavior.

What are some additional benefits of adopting SentinelOne?

SentinelOne platform solutions provide companies the ability to automatically connect their firewalls and filter out web traffic according to their approved settings. In addition to this, SentinelOne generates rules for individual workstations and desktops across your entire organization. Every user is given a unique firewall profile regulated by a set of rules granting specific user permissions that you preestablish. This allows administrators to facilitate new requests and interrupt suspicious activities.

The AI endpoint security utilized by SentinelOne automates firewall scanning and installation policies as well, removing any human-led procedures typically associated with this process. Your administrators simply choose which level of security they want to apply to a given endpoint. Establishing a higher security level, for example, permits traffic to flow the gateway at least a few times a day. SentinelOne can run diagnostic reports once every hour to assess whether or not your firewall is properly configured. If something is amiss, the report triggers an immediate error message that you can respond to accordingly.

With SentinelOne, you can set various routine maintenance schedules and checkups across multiple endpoints. This not only keeps your software and equipment compliant, but it also helps identify pain points before they advance into something more serious as the platform automatically searches for an instant resolution. SentinelOne helps your security team stay on top of potential hardware problems at the endpoint that could result in employee downtime, as well. If it is determined that the issues stem from a hardware malfunction, SentinelOne’s notifications allow your IT and maintenance teams to respond quickly to get them back online and running smoothly again.

The strongest advantage of SentinelOne’s endpoint security is that automates several tasks that were once facilitated by human operators. Not only do automated security practices save companies a lot of time, companies realize considerable cost savings by eliminating time-consuming procedures through automation. SentinelOne’s AI assists in managing core security infrastructure by automatically managing firewalls and performing anti-malware and antivirus scans. Company administrators can update and alter the firewall settings as necessary.

SentinelOne excels at detecting intruders, as well. If an intrusion is detected, it creates a signature and sends the intruder a message. SentinelOne then reports back to your network administrator with a comprehensive log concerning what activities caused the intrusion to occur. If necessary, this information can be supplied as evidence to enforcement so the threat actors can be prosecuted in court.

Finally, aside from intrusions, endpoint security offered by SentinelOne deflects many common attacks like DDoS and Spamming. It incorporates a PACS module known as Content Protection Services that filters out unwanted ads, spyware, phishing emails, among other known threats. In the unlikely circumstance that your network goes down, these services are triggered to ensure all of your data is backed up. SentinelOne’s Content Protection Services also help to detect intrusions and report these findings back to network administrators.

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