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How to Unlock the Most Business Value with Co-Managed IT

How to Unlock the Most Business Value with Co-Managed IT

Irrespective of the size of your operation, there’s little question that it has become increasingly dependent upon the seamless integration of the latest technology. Owing to rising costs, however, small to medium-sized business owners have been characteristically reticent to adopt emergent technological solutions.

Nevertheless, the fundamental problem with postponing critical IT requirements to save money is that companies simply can’t afford breaches on their customer’s valuable data. One cybersecurity incident could spell devastation for a negligently unprepared business.

When it comes to their IT, many companies believe they can’t compete with the technology and security budgets of their enterprise competitors. While that might be true if you chose to acquire your own infrastructure and manage your IT internally, co-managed solutions offer an affordable alternative that keeps your business competitive, compliant, and up-to-date.

There’s a misconception among many business owners that when you go with a managed IT company, you sacrifice your internal IT team. When you partner with a company like PCH Technologies that offers co-managed IT solutions, you maintain your existing in-house IT functions with the support of an external team of specialists.

If you’re just now in the process of deciding whether a co-managed approach is right for you, let’s take a look at a few key ways it can benefit your company:

Increased productivity

Network downtime attributable to IT failures is one of the most costly and frustrating experiences for a business owner, especially when it occurs outside of business hours. If your internal IT support team works a typical 9-to-5 schedule, getting in touch with them after hours can be tricky, even while your employees are technically on call.

The main reason many small to medium-sized businesses transition into a co-managed IT model is because it offers 24/7/365 monitoring and support. Access to an around-the-clock support team is invaluable for IT departments that struggle to finish up their core duties because they’re constantly chasing down solutions for threats that are outside their expertise.

When you strategically partner with a co-managed IT outsourcing, you’ve ensured the necessary coverage at all times of the day. The upshot to this is not only more secure IT but also reduced downtime along with increased productivity since your on-premises IT team can now place its entire focus on carrying out core business duties.

Lower your costs

Research firm Gartner, Inc projects IT spending to total 4.5 trillion in 2022, up 5.1% from the previous year. This is despite potential impacts from the global health crisis, and many analysts hold a high expectation for digital prosperity in the coming years as many companies aim to upgrade their systems through new technological investments.

Business owners responsible for determining their IT budgets know how expensive software, infrastructure, and specialized staff can be. Unfortunately, as technology continually evolves, it grows more complicated, and both your responsibilities and expenses go up.

Your company relies heavily on technology to meet critical compliance and security requirements. Subsequently, it’s an expense you can’t afford to cut back on without too much without putting yourself in a precarious situation by inviting security risks into your organization.

Partnering with a reputable co-managed IT company lets you have all of the security perks of a large corporate internal department IT department at a fraction of the cost. Your trusted outsourcing partner helps you reduce costs because you’re no longer required to recruit, train, and compensate expensive IT staff.

And given the industry’s high turnover rate, many of your direct hires might not stay with your company for more than a few years. The primary upside of working with a co-managed IT service provider is that you don’t have the escalating costs of overtime, healthcare, and other benefits, making this approach to IT a great way to save money.

Enhanced security

Cutting your IT costs doesn’t mean you reduce quality. On the contrary, saving money by outsourcing your IT to a co-managed provider means you improve the quality of your security while saving money in return.

Once you partner with a co-managed IT service, you gain around-the-clock network and data protection. Depending on your service level agreement, you’ll always have a dedicated team of specialists hunting for threats and exposing vulnerabilities to prevent attacks before they occur.

Faster incident response

When your IT infrastructure is vital to business success, and the last thing companies can tolerate is expensive downtime. On average, data downtime costs organizations as much as $9000 per incident. Given these figures, companies simply can’t be slow to react.

A trusted co-managed IT support team helps you create a bulletproof incident response plan by examining all the unique circumstances of your business. They’ll ensure you execute the plan seamlessly to reduce significant costs in the unlikely event of a disaster.

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