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I thought I’d write something you might want to read

I thought I’d write something you might want to read

I’m Timothy Guim.

I’m the President and CEO of PCH Technologies.

Over the long weekend, I had a bit more time than usual to think, and with that, it got me thinking that I should write down how I feel and share it here. Why not, right?

I’ve been really consumed with the idea of how many American businesses are hurting.

When it comes down to it, I own a business, which means business is part of every moment of every day for me. While reflecting, it got me thinking about my company and just companies in general. With the respite we’re experiencing from Covid-19 and our emergence from self-isolation, I am thinking about those responsible for the employment of others and how we are feeling those same “things” as well. You know THOSE THINGS: worrying about our company’s safety, security, and well-being.

I work in IT. Typically I hear concerns about data breaches and security. And yeah, we offer products that help keep your company’s data safe and networks secure. But lately, what I have been hearing is the concerns of other business owners wondering how they will pay their employees, how they are going to work through this “drought,” and come back swimming above water. It hit me late last night that all of this is kind of all the same thing. That term, “work family,” whether it’s our staff – or customers, our partners, or just business acquaintances, we’re in the same water. I would say boat, but- honesty, everyone is facing this hard time differently. Though what is the same is the fact that all we are trying to do is steer our ship in whatever direction meets our goals for our families and companies, all while trying to keep it all together, to keep everyone we can safe, secure, and well.

It’s scary to know we shared the first half of 2020 while being apart. It’s also crazy this will be in kid’s history books one day. But I am looking forward to this ‘new normal’ to become somewhat just ‘plain old normal’ again – my Eagles tickets can’t go to waste! Stay well. Stay healthy. But most of all, keep your head up- this crappy time will be over soon.