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Migrating Business Data to the Cloud

Migrating Business Data to the Cloud

There might be someone trying to point you in a specific direction for what you should do when migrating your business data to the cloud. There are many options to think about. Before migrating all of your business data to the cloud, make sure to have a solid game plan.

How To Plan Your Data Center Migration To The Cloud

Moving your on-premise IT setup to a cloud solution is one of the most critical business decisions your company will make. Still, that first step is a small one. You’re approaching a migration process that will comprise the bulk of your transition efforts.

As the founder of a company that helps businesses migrate applications and infrastructure to the cloud, I know how important it is to answer key questions to plan a migration to the public cloud and how answering these questions specific to your environment is critical to your success. The process begins with collecting data about your infrastructure, applications and environments, followed by applying a series of analytical methods across multiple dimensions, including workload architecture, network connections, feasibility, operational costs and potential migration impacts. You will then use the findings to translate your business goals into tangible solutions, providing clear value propositions your stakeholders will understand.

Selecting Your Cloud Solutions Provider

If you’re new to the cloud, you should consider partnering with a dedicated team of cloud specialists with expertise in the requirements of your project. These teams focus on connecting companies to the right cloud solutions and then create, deploy and sometimes operate an organization’s IT infrastructure through the cloud.

Choose a team that will help you select a public cloud solution that will deliver on your business goals. These specialists will identify cloud migration opportunities and develop a detailed migration plan that includes a business case, cost analysis and workload prioritization that identifies optimal workloads for migration. They will be critical in both defining the scope of the project and presenting a business case and migration strategy to stakeholders.