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Why Mobile Device Management is Important for Small Businesses

Why Mobile Device Management is Important for Small Businesses

Businesses around the world have discovered that allowing employees to bring their own devices to work is a great way to increase productivity. People can complete tasks more quickly when working with familiar hardware. When employees use their own devices for work, it also means that working from home is an option.

As much as a bring-your-own-device policy can increase employee productivity and satisfaction, every device on which corporate data resides is a potential security leak waiting to happen. If a terminated employee walks out the door with a device containing a client list, financial data or proprietary product information, the results could be disastrous — and a disgruntled employee isn’t the only potential source of a data leak. What if an employee leaves his or her phone in a bar or restaurant? Anyone could potentially take the device and access the information on it.

How Mobile Device Management Works

Mobile device management is a system that allows your company to exert control over the portion of an employee’s device that contains corporate data. Implementing mobile device management allows your company to protect the information that belongs to you without preventing employees from enjoying their devices for personal use.

The Features of Mobile Device Management

Some of the abilities that mobile device management can give your company include:

  • Creating a new user account on a phone to encrypt and password protect corporate data
  • Creating a list of approved applications that an employee can install within a device’s work account; applications not on the approved list will not install or run
  • Remotely wiping all work-related data from the device if the employee leaves the company
  • Remotely wiping the entire device if it is lost or stolen

Mobile Device Management Reduces the IT Security Burden

One of the greatest aspects of mobile device management is that once your company implements it, your IT expenses will likely decrease. Mobile device management eliminates the need to manually configure work profiles on devices. It also eliminates the uncomfortable moment in which IT personnel have to ask for an employee’s phone because the employee is about to be terminated. IT personnel can manage all employees’ devices remotely through a simple web interface.

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A data leak is a disaster that can cripple a small business. If you allow employees to bring their own devices to work, don’t take chances with your proprietary data. Complete the form now to learn more about how PCH Technologies can help your company implement mobile device management.