The Number One Cause of Network Security Breach: Human Error

Network security breaches are scary and can be quite costly. Though most network security breaches are often exaggerated in movies and television, they do occur more frequently than you might think. According to Heimdal Security, 99% of computer users are vulnerable to exploit kits (software vulnerabilities). When it comes to a security breach, software vulnerabilities isn’t the only threat. Unfortunately, human error plays a significant part in a company’s network security breach. It may seem like common knowledge and practice to never open and click through an email that may look suspicious, however,  30% of phishing emails are opened by employees and about 12% of targets go on to click the link or attachment. Instantly, with just a simple action, your data can be captured, deleted, or held for ransom.

Network Security Attackers Prey On Human Weakness

Findings from IBM’s Cyber Security Index shows that 95% of all network security attacks stem from attackers who prey on human weaknesses to lure their victims to provide them with their sensitive information unwittingly. Though the employee’s action may not have been malicious in intent, their mistake could be costly to both the company’s financial health and reputation. The greatest impacts of successful network security attacks involve exposure to private data, theft of incestual property, and/or the introduction of malware to their network.

Network Security Attackers Prey On Human Weakness

Exploitation of the human interest factor makes up most of the network security breaches we see today. It could be an email that may seem like a harmless video to view, a request for info from a masked culprit pretending to be a prospect or client, or even attachments from a scorned employee. In addition to the list, some of the most commonly recorded forms of human error caused by such employees are system misconfigurations, poor patch management practices and the use of default names and passwords. We are all human and make mistakes, so it is crucial that a network security expert is utilized to ensure the continuous education of the types of cyber attacks as well as keeping your technology protected at all times.

The Importance Of Having a Network Security Expert On Your Side

With network security experts on your side you can rest assured that your sensitive information is protected. Our experts at PCH Technologies complete an audit of your current network security setup to see how we can update any area of security for you. We make sure to that your technology is not only up and running when it needs to be but is protected at all costs. We aim to educate our partners, so if anything seems suspicious or out of place, our experts are there to provide you the information you need so you and your employees do not fall victim to a cyber-security attack. If you’re interested in a Network Security Assessment to see where your network stands, contact our experts today.