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Planning for the trouble caused by storms like Isaias

Planning for the trouble caused by storms like Isaias

I am Tim Guim, and it’s Tuesday again!

IT never ends, but I wish these storms would END.

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Last week Tropical Storm Isaias really packed a punch with high winds and heavy rain.

It was a lot more powerful and created a lot more damage than I expected in the few weather reports I saw. In general, storms seem to be coming at more frequency and with more ferocity as August carries on.

These storms can create a need to maintain business continuity and possibly have a disaster recovery plan executed.

With strong winds and torrential rain, this can cause several problems for businesses and residential homes. The main issues that arise during these aggressive storms are loss of power, loss of internet, flooding, and building damage.

So what can you do to ensure that your home and business are safe?

To be prepared for a storm like Isaias, you must have a plan of attack for losing power, especially regarding your business because downtime is wasted time.

During our pre-pandemic life, I would have said that the most significant help during a storm is cloud-based servers and systems. But with the new work from home lifestyle, we saw that many clients did not have power at their homes, so they could not connect in even if the servers were working in the cloud or the on-premise servers were up.

In this case, looking into generator systems and fiber optic-based internet connections would be ideal as preparation for another string of storms this summer (hopefully not!).

I know that these storms have sure taken a toll on all of us, and we are doing our best to help our clients be prepared and ready for whatever Mother Nature throws our way. But in this new work from home age, there is still so much we must think about and obstacles to overcome.

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