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What Is Single Sign On (SSO)?

What Is Single Sign On (SSO)?

Single sign-on is becoming a popular aspect for many businesses. But just what is single sign-on? Why should you consider using it for employees or for client-facing sites? Find out here.

What is single sign-on (SSO)?

Single sign-on – or SSO for short – is a system that allows websites to use other websites to sign in and verify users. This allows the business from having to store and handle passwords and user data and cuts down on login troubleshooting and also limits what a hacker could access if they infiltrate the system.

A good illustration to understand it is your ID card. If you are pulled over or go to apply for something with the government, your ID card is a trusted form of identification that these entities trust.

How Does Single Sign-On Actually Work?

Understanding what is single sign-on begins with understanding how it works. In a traditional non-SSO system, everything from logging in to logging out is handled by the company website. This leads to a lot of redundant logic in many websites.

Under a single sign-on system, a third-party site handles the logging in and password authentication then passes a token to the company site to verify that the user should be allowed in.

Single Sign-On Benefits for Users

Single sign-on benefits users in many ways. First off, they only need to enter their login information in one place and it can allow them into many of the business’ various websites or services. Its also more secure as users’ passwords tend to be stronger when they don’t have to remember as many of them.

SSO systems tend to be more secure than an in-house developed sign-in process.

Benefits of Single Sign-on For Businesses

Businesses benefit in many ways from using single sign-on. Users are more inclined to sign up for a site they may only have passing interest in if they can use their SSO login from another popular site. It saves them time in signing up and makes them feel they can trust the site.

For intranet type uses internal to company employees, a single sign-on system allows a centralized place for account password resets, account creation, and de-authorization of accounts. Instead of resetting a password in many places for all the company’s services, it is done in one place.

Are login issues taking a significant amount of time away from the actual development of your business? Fill out our contact form today and see how PCH can facilitate a single sign-on system for your business.