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Technology Challenges of Schools and How a Virtual CIO Can Help

Technology Challenges of Schools and How a Virtual CIO Can Help

It is essential for young people and students to know about the latest technology so that they can succeed in an ever-changing world. Sadly, these needs are often left unmet, as schools tend to lack the budget to purchase new and (often expensive) tech. While charities and grants can help for certain individuals, the overall problem remains. Let’s explore this problem in greater detail and talk about one of the many possible solutions.

The Current State Of Affairs

To get a feel for the conditions on the ground, let’s look at an extensive survey conducted in 2015. They polled over 150 education professionals on the subject of education technology, and the results are not surprising. About 76% said that budget concerns were the biggest problem, as governments generally won’t fund this kind of thing.

We already knew that budgetary concerns were the main thing, but we can learn more by looking at the other reasons given. About 54% of those polled also stated that there was a lack of professional training. This is another way of saying that there isn’t a good way for teachers to learn this stuff, and that makes it harder for them to teach anyone else. About 41% also said that many teachers were resistant to change, and so these two factors are likely to be related. After this, the third biggest concern was a lack of network infrastructure, coming in at roughly 38%.

How Would A Private Company Solve This Problem?

Since we already know that our government isn’t going to come up with real solutions, we might want to consider how a private company would handle a problem of this sort. Say what you will about private companies, but at least they can get things done.

So, let’s say you have a company that needs someone to teach them about technology. They would most likely hire a CIO (Chief Information Officer). This is a person whose job is to oversee the deployment and use of computer and information technologies. They are also responsible for the adoption of new technology for educating people in its proper use.

Because a CIO is an executive-level position, it tends to be a high-paying job. Thus, if you want the best CIO available, you are going to pay quite a bit. That’s where another solution comes into play.

What Is A Virtual CIO?

A virtual CIO might be described as a mercenary executive. No, they won’t fight any wars for you, but they will take care of the same job at a lower cost. When you heard the term virtual CIO,” you might have thought we were talking about an AI program. However, a virtual CIO is a real person that does a valuable job.

These contractors are called “virtual” because they aren’t really an executive at your company. Instead, they perform the work of a CIO at a much lower rate. Thus, their expertise is available to companies that cannot afford a full-time CIO.

How Can A Virtual CIO Help In A School Setting?

Many schools, especially charter schools, are turning to virtual CIOs to tackle this large gap in the education system. There are many reasons for this, such as the fact that virtual CIOs can also serve as budgetary advisors. It might seem unrelated, but we have already shown how those budget issues will hold a school back.

If hired from a reputable company, a virtual CIO will have a whole team of experienced professionals that can be called for help. This might include a little bit of advice, or maybe a little more. In some cases, the necessary equipment might be made available at a reduced cost or might be rented at a reasonable rate.

Because they are trained to deal with all tech-related issues, a virtual CIO can also do a lot to help your school’s network security. This will reduce or eliminate the need to hire someone else for this purpose. On a related note, a CIO can save you a lot of money by letting you know what is essential and what is not. Without some competent advice, many administrators will waste money on the latest tech, only to find out that it wasn’t so great after all. Preventing these kinds of mistakes is one of the duties of a virtual CIO.

Finally, a CIO can take the role of a teacher when needed, adding yet another way in which they can be useful. They are likely to be better educated about the latest tech trends than most teachers, making them ideal for the job. Of course, they will only be doing this on an as-needed basis. All in all, the employment of a qualified VCIO might be the most cost-effective and efficient way to solve this problem.


It is a shame that more resources are not allocated for the education of the youth, but that is just the state of the world. Instead of complaining about it, you can choose to take action and correct those issues yourself. Hiring a virtual CIO is just one of the many innovative ways in which this can be achieved. We hope that you have enjoyed this article, and we also hope that you have come away with some good ideas for the future. If so, please help us to bring you more good information by filling out the contact form.