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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Support

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Support

Perhaps you have thought to outsource your IT support to a different company to help you keep your technologies online. You may wonder, “What are the benefits to my company?” Stay tuned as we cover all this information in an easy-to-digest article that clears things up. Many small to medium-sized business owners don’t realize the benefits they can receive from these services and how they might help them to operate better.

Benefit #1: Reduce Your Costs

Many small to medium-sized businesses can’t justify the cost of hiring someone in-house to perform IT services. It costs so much, but unfortunately, some business owners think the high cost locks them out of receiving the IT support that keeps their business running smoothly. Whenever a business stops running, they stand to lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Hiring a full-time employee won’t give you the value to make it worthwhile. Worse, the employee may even sit around bored waiting for things to go wrong. Outsourcing your IT support is one of the ways that you lower your costs while still receiving good technical support.

You can pay for what you consume instead of buying in bulk for things that you might never use. This benefit especially comes in handy for software licenses and hardware upgrades, but it reduces costs by lowering the need for recruitment, training and infrastructural development.

Benefit #2: Scale Your Business as Needed

Outsourced IT services grow with your company. You can scale your staff up or down as needed. How does that work? Let’s say your business requires a team of experts for a project. You can hire them to come and work on the project, but you can let them go once it ends without disrupting your business. This action saves you time and money, and you don’t need to worry about temporary employees requiring benefits. You don’t even need to worry about hiring or firing them.

The ability to scale as needed ensures you don’t waste precious resources. For a small business struggling to survive, this is crucial. Everything gives you the maximum level of efficiency.

Benefit #3: Lower Your Risk

You don’t need to tie up essential resources with your IT services. When a problem with your network occurs, you can trust that the IT professionals you hired will handle it promptly and with expertise. If you designate this out to an employee at your company, on the other hand, this ties up your resources so that you can’t focus on more important goals.

You don’t risk your IT systems as much, such as hardware and software because you don’t need to maintain an internal IT department. You can leave it with someone else to handle it for you.

When you hire a company that operates on the break-fix philosophy of IT, it’s in their best interests for things to go wrong with your company. That’s a bit like asking the wolf to guard the rabbit. Managed IT, on the other hand, keeps their business through good IT support, and if they don’t provide good support, they won’t last.

Benefit #4: Better Resource Flexibility

You receive excellent resource flexibility when you hire an IT support company. For example, let’s say that you have specific current requirements with cloud computing and data centers. You can hire someone who specializes in it to ensure the best services. Try doing that with someone you hired in-house—it doesn’t work. You can also hire a special team to handle specific projects at your company.

Benefit #5: Better Security with a Disaster Recovery Plan

Every good IT support company worth the money will offer you a disaster recovery plan. Let’s say that a hacker puts ransomware on your network and tells you that you must pay $20,000 to unlock it, or they’ll delete all your data. This scenario can and does play out. Worse, some companies will pay $20,000 in a desperate bid for their data. In the worst scenarios, a sadistic hacker will take the money and delete the data, anyway.

Hiring managed IT services eliminate this possibility because they back up everything in your network. Let’s say that the same scenario plays out. Instead of dealing with opportunistic cybercriminals, you tell your IT support company, and they will reset your network back to a point before the ransomware took effect, rendering the malware useless.

Along with a disaster recovery plan, they will keep your network updated to ensure that cybercriminals can’t target your business for cash. Most of these predators look for the low-hanging fruit that doesn’t have any security. IT support companies also understand the latest security policies to ensure that you stay updated against the newest and most sophisticated cyber attacks.

Benefit #6: Access to Expertise

When you hire outsourced IT support, it gives you access to an expert who understands how to navigate and protect your technologies. They may even give you technology recommendations that will help you to compete better. The expertise from managed IT services will allow you to resolve issues fast so that they never interfere with your business operations.

You can send the experts out to resolve the problem. Because they have dealt with computer problems for years, they can do it faster than the average person. They can also proactively identify potential issues in your network to resolve them before they have the chance to materialize and hurt your business.

Final Thoughts

Everything with managed IT services is put down onto a predictable monthly payment plan. No more unexpected costs that can put your business under water. If you’d like to learn more about outsourced IT support but don’t know where to look, check out PCH Technologies. Our IT support specializes in support for the government, financial and transportation industries. We can also perform a cyber risk assessment of your business to see how protected you are against cyber criminals. If you’d like to learn more, please call us at (856) 754-7500.