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The Essential Elements of Co-Managed IT

The Essential Elements of Co-Managed IT

In today’s volatile IT industry, managing complex networks, cybersecurity, and system requirements while navigating an ever-changing regulatory environment has been stretching the resources of in-house IT departments around the country, wearing them thin.

Businesses across all sectors of the economy have increasingly found themselves overwhelmed to fulfill basic IT requirements which is why so many of them have opted for co-managed IT solutions. Co-managed IT doesn’t replace the internal IT team you have in place. Rather, the managed service providers complement your in-house resources by supplying them with the latest tools, skills, and support.

In this article, we take a look at the essential elements of a co-managed IT service and explore why it stands alone the most attractive option for work-stressed IT departments today.

What is a co-managed IT service?

Co-managed IT is a platform offered by external services providers that strategically pairs a team of experts with an existing IT department as opposed to a fully outsourced arrangement. Co-managed IT services are flexible and operate on an economy of scale to bolster your current IT infrastructure, meeting its technical and operational requirements.

This approach lets companies integrate their existing IT teams with the outsourced expertise and specialized knowledge of a managed service provider. In most situations, the outsourced team operates in the backdrop while your on-premises team focuses on driving important projects like digital transformation initiatives and implementing strategic long-term growth strategies.

When should companies consider co-managed solutions?

Co-managed IT services benefit businesses in several ways. Here are just a few reasons why it makes to partner with a managed service provider to supplement your current IT:

Your internal team is small and inundated with work – If you operate a small in-house IT team, even the slightest increase in demand for services can lead to overworked staff and disruptions that result in costly downtime. Staff vacation and harrowing new projects potentially test your team department beyond its operational capacities.

While companies can always elect to hire new staff, the recruiting and onboarding process has proven itself to be increasingly expensive, especially when you factor in costs like health insurance and other benefits. Moreover, the labor shortage for IT professionals is significant, and most hiring managers struggle to find the right talent in the current IT environment.

You’re tackling critical new projects – New IT projects are synonymous with business growth, and with complex strategic initiatives comes more responsibility and stress if your internal IT isn’t prepared. Co-managed IT services allow for immediate implementation because they bring the most current technology, specialized expertise, and experience to get your project up and running without delay.

An existing skills gap – The most gifted in-house IT teams invariably come across tasks that are beyond the scope of their original training and experience. A project that proves too complex for your internal IT department ultimately costs more money than partnering with a co-managed service that has successfully undergone the same or similar initiatives several times over. Many companies look to outsource services to fill in existing skills gaps and help their team complete demanding projects with greater accuracy and more efficiency.

Why should companies consider co-managed solutions?

24/7/365 Network Monitoring

The best way to protect your existing IT infrastructure is through around-the-clock network monitoring. Most conventional on-premises IT departments are not open 24 hours a day.

Outsourcing under the co-managed approach allows you to boost your network monitoring from 9 to 5 to 24/7 without having to hire additional IT staff for hard-to-fill graveyard shifts. Co-managed solutions give you ample peace of mind knowing that your technology is running smoothly and under control, even when your in-house staff is out of the office.

Preventative Maintenance

Most IT professionals recognize that the simplest means of preventing technology issues is through the use of patch updates. Staying onto of these updates isn’t as easy as it would seem, however. More than one out of two PCs are currently running outdated software.

Consequently, many corporate endpoints remain unnecessarily vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. A co-managed service will ensure your patching and updating are done to schedule to minimize disruptions that lead to downtime.

Improved Data Security

Strong cybersecurity is imperative and having the wrong data protection processes and procedures in place can be devastating to businesses. Co-managed partners possess the tools and expertise to block the latest incoming threats at the perimeter. Managed IT staff comes equipped with the latest techniques in crypt-prevention to keep your data safe, as well.

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