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The Top 15 IT Companies In New Jersey

The Top 15 IT Companies In New Jersey

This article is intended to help those who may be looking for local managed IT services in New Jersey. If you find that you scratch your head while asking “how can I even find the best IT companies near me?” then look no further. Here are the top 15 IT companies in New Jersey.

1. PCH Technologies

PCH company brochure cover in black with green accentsThis company has definitely risen in the rankings over the last few years. As most of their customers would agree, the cream always rises to the top. Although they aren’t the only good IT company in New Jersey, they really stand out in two areas: Security and customer service.

PCH puts a big focus on security at all levels and has an excellent security track record. Not only that, but their customer support staff tend to be some of the most helpful people around. They also stand out in versatility, offering so many services that we don’t even have the space to name them all. As if that weren’t enough, they have one of the most informative websites we have ever seen. Here are some of our more popular services:

2. Integrated Computer Services

ICS gets a close second place on our list for several reasons. First, they provide a wide range of services, which is always a plus. Secondly, they seem to have a pretty good reputation. They also provide a lot of flexibility on pricing, as you can choose from a flat rate and a managed rate. They seem to place more emphasis on having a variety of services and less emphasis on security, which knocked them down a place.

3. CMIT Solutions

CMIT Solutions is a nationwide franchise with several hundred locations. They are spread over a pretty wide area, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Still, they have established a reputation for great preventive care, and that counts for a lot. Prevention is always the best medicine. CMIT is also known for affordable pricing, making them a good choice for small businesses.

4. Technology Visionaries

Apart from having a cool name, Technology Visionaries seems to have a very good reputation. We can’t find many bad reviews, so that reflects well on their record. At the same time, this is another company that doesn’t seem to be putting much emphasis on security while focusing on providing a huge variety of services. That being said, most people agree that their pricing is affordable and honest.

5. Exigent

Exigent is known as a very respectable company that provides high-quality services. We see a strong emphasis on security, including a dedicated firewall service. They also provide localized services as opposed to running a large nationwide chain. We have to say that we don’t really like their website, however, as it just doesn’t tell us enough and is littered with annoying pop-ups.

6. Techsperts

Techsperts will normally rank well on lists of this sort, and it’s easy to see why. They do provide high-quality services. That being said, the reviews would seem to indicate that their customer service isn’t the best. Nevertheless, we see a wide variety, good security services, and effective use of the latest technology.

7. Powersolution

This is a company that places a very strong emphasis on security, with everything from firewalls and Wi-fi encryption to a dedicated web proxy. This is very good for people that are trying to hoard all sorts of sensitive data, but not everyone needs that level of security. This is a specialized company that does very well within its niche.

8. Ace IT Solutions

This is an extremely multifaceted company with offices in New Jersey, New York, Florida, California, and India. They’ve been around for quite some time and have worked with many clients, earning a solid reputation. We do, however, see a lot of mixed reviews, indicating that their services were “hit and miss.”

9. Eclipse Integrated Systems

Eclipse has become well-respected for its specialized services. They mainly cater to the private education and healthcare sectors, doing a lot of data management for both. This is another specialized “niche” company but we can’t really find any reason for criticism.

10. Quickteks

This company focuses on maintenance and security, both of which are very important. They are primarily employed by small businesses but seem to do well with larger clients as well. Their reviews are pretty good, but we see a number of complaints regarding wait times.

11. Dataprise

This company puts a lot of emphasis on business efficiency and performance, and they do a good job of providing that. They also have a very nice-looking website and a few industry awards. However, we have seen a lot of unfavorable reviews for this one. Mainly, they focus on poor customer service and high pricing.

12. Delaney Computer Services

Delaney Computer Services has generally impressed its customers with high-quality work. As such, they have been getting larger and more well-known of late. They certainly do have an impressive string of strategic partnerships as well. With time, we expect them to rise higher in the rankings.

13. ExterNetworks

These guys have a sleek and attractive website and a great emphasis on security. They are very good about vetting their employees properly, which can make a big difference in terms of service. They are located in Europe and most of their business stays within that region.

14. PCS

PCS provides all sorts of services in five states, and they show every sign of continuing to rise. That being said, they seem to have had some problems with security in the past. Otherwise, they would be a lot higher in the rankings.

15. Miles Technologies

Miles Technologies really does provide an appealing look and feel, and their founder, Chris Miles, seems pretty likable. However, we would like to see less flash and more effectiveness. Still, most would agree that their services are high-class.


While there are some very strong competitors on the list, PCH Technologies is the clear winner. They really do the best job of providing high security and prompt customer service. As both of these are highly essential, they were the top competitor when compared to all others. And so, if you again find yourself asking: “How can I find small business IT support services near me?” You will already know the answer.