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Top 3 Ways to Improve your Cybersecurity Posture

Top 3 Ways to Improve your Cybersecurity Posture

As March is coming to a close, I wanted to give my concluding thoughts on what you should be doing so you don’t press your luck when it comes to cybersecurity. Below I have laid out the three most important things you should be doing right now to protect your business.  

  1. Backups – Backups are essential because it gives your company the ability to recover quickly in case of a hardware failure, ransomware event, data corruption or employee error. If your company does not have a reliable backup the downtime could be detrimental to your business 
  2. Multifactor authentication – Passwords are no longer secure on their own. Passwords can be broken easily and can often be found on the dark webIn order to combat this, you must have multiple layers of protection so that if a hacker does crack your password, they are stopped by another security measure. Not all your devices need Multi-factor authentication, but it is absolutely necessary for your Email, remote access, and financial systems.
  3. Cyber Liability Insurance – No matter how many protections you put in place, your system could be breached and it is important you have the proper cyber insurance to cover your business in these instancesIt is important to understand what is included and excluded from different cyber insurance companies and which one will work best with your business. 

These are just three items that will improve your cybersecurity posture that I think are important for protecting your business and employeesHowever, the proper way to understand exactly what cybersecurity measures your company needs is to conduct a cyber risk assessment for your organization to determine what policies, procedures, and technology should be put in place to protect your business to the fullest extent.  

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