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Ways We Don’t Recommend Attempting Data Backup

Ways We Don’t Recommend Attempting Data Backup

Oh, data backup – how do we loathe thee? Let us count the ways.

We have seen some pretty nasty things in our time as data security and IT professionals, but data backup, for some strange reason, sets off feelings of despair and annoyance with many business owners. For one thing, backing up company data seems to be on the mind of many business owners – at least in regards to knowing it’s important. But, when it comes to actually following through we typically hear, “we’ll get to that tomorrow.”

Unfortunately for many companies, tomorrow comes and goes, again and again, without any data backup – and suddenly a water line bursts and takes down your entire IT infrastructure. The boss is angry because none of the computers are working, and the boss’ boss is unhappy because money was spent on new computer equipment – yet no one can access company data on the server because it’s simply not there.

Here are three ways that you are just begging for trouble as a business owner if you follow these data backup WORST practices.

Making Only ONE Backup Copy (and then storing it onsite)

The crème de la crème of data backup follies.

There are so many choices available to companies today for securely, effectively and cheaply backing up critical data. Why on earth would you go through the process of regularly backing up company data, but then forget to safeguard your backup? Even worse, why would you store your only data backup onsite when literally anything could happen to it? If something happens to your office, you’d lose your original data AND your one backup copy at the same time.

We actually once knew someone who kept their lone data backup on tape, no less, in the trunk of their car. We’re sure you can imagine what happened next – no, their car wasn’t stolen. On a ‘cool’ summer day where the temperature reached a not-so-pleasant 108 degrees F outside, in the trunk of the car where she had taken it “offsite.” Because, tape backup is not able to withstand extreme temperatures, that tape backup literally melted inside that car.

Relying on Tape Backup and Tape Backup Alone

One poor backup strategy we see time and time again is relying on tape backups – and only tape backups. Let us explain why this isn’t a sound technical or business strategy. Statistics have shown that when critical data is lost, an organization’s odds of overcoming such critical failure is quite low. The Gartner Group estimates that only half of all tape backups restore successfully, to begin with – and in the 21st century why are you still using tape as your sole source of data backup and recovery?  You have many other options that are more effective and less vulnerable.

Manually Backing Up Data

Manually doing anything these days that involves large volumes of data or company resources is a massive time suck. When it comes to backing up company data specifically, why on earth torture yourself – or anyone else – like that?  Manual processes invite human error – and you don’t want errors to limit your ability to recover data.

Backing up your data manually, especially when there are better alternatives available now to do it automatically and regularly, just doesn’t make business sense. When you not only have to remember to manually backup your data but also make sure whoever is responsible knows how to do it properly and without mistakes during the process, you are taking unnecessary risks.  

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