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What Are The Benefits of Remote IT Support Services?

What Are The Benefits of Remote IT Support Services?

Remote IT support solutions are now mainstay solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. A 2019 study revealed that of the 500 small businesses surveyed, nearly 40% of them engaged a managed service provider to handle some aspect of their IT. Managed IT providers stand alone as the most commonly outsourced service for business processes.

Market conditions and the way many companies go about conducting business have changed considerably in the last two years. Remote IT services are more vital to small businesses than ever. The global health crisis sent workers from cubicles they had worked in for years into home offices, transforming their roles into telecommuting positions.

Before the pandemic, roughly 7% of the labor force in the US worked from home. That number currently stands at 33%, which means companies have a bigger role to fill when it comes to supplying their teams with reliable IT support.

How remote tech support benefits small businesses

With so many workers driven out of the office into more or less permanent telecommuting roles, companies have had to pivot and adopt new IT practices to adjust to this recent phenomenon.

Let’s explore the benefits of remote IT support a bit further and look at how the service continues to play a significant role in the post-pandemic economy.

1. Faster response times

Most IT common problems call for specific solutions that are usually simple in nature. The software you run requires routine updates and patching. In other instances, your system may need configuration changes. The time it takes to handle basic IT matters like this adds up and can really start to absorb the valuable resources of your in-house technology department. Yet withal, someone has to attend to them.

For roughly a third of all small businesses, remote technical support services represent the preferred approach for resolving common IT issues quickly without saddling their internal IT departments the redundant and time-consuming associated tasks. One of the primary benefits of remote technical support is the help desk. Agents can quickly take control and glance into the user’s system to hunt for issues and provide the necessary support without ever having to be on site.

2. Improved workplace productivity

Faster reaction times translate to better customer service, both internally and externally. What’s more, your employees are working and not waiting for a help desk agent. Few events drain your productivity faster than a catastrophic data breach or an unexpected failure of your business intelligence system. With the increasing supply of workers transitioning to remote workstations, reliable IT support is essential. Remote help desk software solutions from PCH Technologies help to avoid expensive downtime to keep your operations running smoothly.

3. 24/7/365 support

The landscape for doing business in the modern era has widened substantially, with businesses serving clients and supporting remote workers across the globe. Even smaller companies have gone multinational and operate in diverse geographic regions with different time zones. Providing world-class IT support can prove challenging under these conditions if you deliver these IT services strictly in-house.

Remote IT support, on the other hand, provides around-the-clock customer service and help desk support, regardless of the user’s geographic location and time zone. Remote assistance, provided by one of the best MSSP services in PCH Technologies, guarantees that every customer in your network has access at all hours of the day and night.

3. Access to specialized talent

You might have assembled the most talented team of technology professionals in your industry. But the time invariably arrives when your IT department hits the wall, finding itself unable to resolve a complex IT issue. Our remote access support helps eliminate skill gaps by providing access to an entire team of IT professionals with varying expertise.

Once a ticket is opened, it escalates through our chain of support until it reaches someone qualified to provide a solution. Support technicians who work for managed service providers are held to a superior standard. The terms of this high threshold are outlined in your service level agreement (SLA) within your vendor contract. The SLA sets clear expectations, providing you with peace of mind in the unlikely event that an IT disaster does occur.

Adaptable and scalable remote IT Support

In your quest to find the best MSSP for small businesses, keep in mind that PCH Technologies can customize your support solutions after conducting a comprehensive analysis of your business and its IT support requirements. It is estimated that up to 30% of the workforce that started working from home during the pandemic will stay there, making remote delivery of IT services essential.

But even if your company doesn’t support a lot of telecommuters, remote IT solutions are proven to increase workplace productivity. To familiarize yourself more with the benefits of remote IT support, dial (856) 754-7500 now to schedule an obligation-free discovery call.