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What Are the Benefits of Using SentinelOne?

What Are the Benefits of Using SentinelOne?

SentinelOne is a commonly used and well-recognized security solution designed for multiple business sectors such as energy, finance, government, healthcare, and education. The platform is distinct from other traditional network security approaches because it uses endpoint security. This security practice secures the endpoints of or entry points of end-user devices like desktops, laptops, and mobile devices from malicious attacks.

The endpoint security approach is particularly effective at identifying and eliminating cyber threats across multiple networks connected to company devices like remote workstations, cell phones, tablets, and laptops. SentinelOne is known for its strong capacity to remediate the impact of almost any cyber attack to mitigate the effects before quickly getting user systems back online. SentinelOne subscribers benefit from immunity from future attacks while detecting potential threat actors in advance.

SentinelOne is a sophisticated security solution that is highly dependent upon machine learning and automation. Subscribers to SentinelOne have access to powerful security software along with a specialized team of support staff and engineers that understand the product inside and out. SentinelOne is an advanced cyber security platform that provides multiple layers of protection against the most complicated attacks and skilled threat actors. Breaches and security threats come in many forms. Irrespective of whether it is a malware or ransomware attack, SentinelOne protects your assets and data from exploits, malicious hackers, and insider threats.

What is SentinelOne, and how is it different from legacy antivirus software?

The traditional antivirus software that companies have been using for decades is, of course, designed to protect computers and other devices from malicious attacks. Nonetheless, as cyber attacks have become more sophisticated, legacy antivirus software brands have become considerably less effective in protecting your digital assets.

Traditional antivirus software depends upon three types of detection to protect your architecture and hardware. They are as follows:

  • Generic detection – The software investigates for malware or variants of common “families.”
  • Heuristic detection – The software scans for unrecognized viruses on the basis of file structure abnormalities
  • Signature detection – The antivirus software searches for signature updates with specific patterns to identify and prevent attacks.

Of the three, signature-based detection is the most exposed. Hackers, in recent years, have evolved their method of attacks to find ways of sidestepping signature-based detection. One example of this is they have figured out a way to encrypt files in such a way that they’re virtually unreadable by a binary scanner.

The fundamental problem with legacy antivirus software is that it relies upon a specified set of rules and characteristics to identify the common threat actors and attacks of years past. In this environment, cyberattacks are continually changing, and traditional antivirus software simply can’t keep up.

SentinelOne, on the other hand, relies upon real-time endpoint protection, providing much greater visibility into countless potential threats. And while any traditional antivirus software solutions do employ endpoint protection to some degree, SentinelOne has combined it an endpoint detection and response solutions, which is what provides the increased visibility.

Think of SentinelOne endpoint protection and response as an automated security team. Should that situation arise that your device has become impacted by a malware attack, SentinelOne’s endpoint detection, and response deliver a complete breakdown of how the attack occurred and the way it impacts the device.

Endpoint detection and response were overly dependent on data in the past. The reliance generated excessive alerts that required human-led investigation and correlation. SentinelOne, however, has reinvented the security solution to operate threat hunts autonomously, on the basis of machine learning and automated technology. For many businesses, this represents a major upside to the technology because it essentially eliminates the need to keep expensive and resource-intensive data analysts in-house.

Additional key benefits of SentinelOne

  • Enhanced protection through machine learning and AI that doesn’t depend upon signatures.
  • A simplified process that includes endpoint protection, endpoint detection, and recovery along with a robust host-based intrusion prevention system.
  • Automated threat hunting to isolate infected devices while keeping your other machines immune.
  • Robust data recovery that protects your files in the event of a ransomware attack.
  • Minimized downtown attributable to faster automation remediation practices.
  • Logic and analysis on the endpoint agent outside of the cloud for continuous protection.
  • SentinelOne’s automated security solutions alleviate the cyber security skilled labor shortage.
  • 24/7 security monitoring, management, and protection enhanced by automated threat hunting for proactive protection.

Work with SentinelOne experts you can count on

While SentinelOne aims to simplify the user experience and reduce complexity, it’s an emergent security solution that might be unfamiliar to your daily operations security personnel.

If you’re curious to learn more about how Sentinel-managed network security services can benefit your company or have questions about pricing, call PCH Technologies today at (856) 754-7500.