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What is Co-Managed IT and How Can It Help My Business?

What is Co-Managed IT and How Can It Help My Business?

Managing complex IT networks, system requirements, cloud computing, updates, cybersecurity, confusing regulatory environments, software licenses, is a lot of to ask of a small internal IT team. Co-managed services is an approach to IT that integrates the convenience and strategic framework of an in-house IT department with the specialized support and comprehensive knowledge of a managed service provider.

What is a co-managed IT service?

Co-managed IT lets businesses customize which IT services they want to retain in-house and which of those they outsource to their managed service provider partner. This hybrid approach to managed IT presents businesses with a unique opportunity to integrate the up-to-date resources of a managed service provider with their own in-house associates with specialized knowledge of the company and its culture.

Most businesses partner with a co-managed service so they can handpick the IT resources they need when they need them. Of course, flexibility like this helps optimize efficiency, freeing up your in-house IT department so that it can focus in the day-to-day tasks associated with the team’s normal workflow.

How does co-managed IT work?

Co-managed IT is a flexible IT management service solution based on an economy of scale. With so many IT departments in need of additional help, co-managed IT is the best option for companies that can’t, for whatever reason, outsource their IT requirements entirely. The co-managed approach allows your business to:

  • Assess its existing IT department needs, skills, resources, and tools.
  • Select the specific services required to achieve your departmental and organizational goals.
  • Partner with a team of specialized experts with the most up-to-date training to supplement your existing IT department.

The type of co-managed partnership you forge depends upon the unique characteristics of your business. Some companies may rely strictly on their internal resources for help desk support while bringing in an external partner for digital transformation initiatives and network security. For other companies, the inverse may be true because they’re in-house departments are too bogged down with help desk tickets to focus on large-scale projects and growth strategies.

Who uses co-managed IT service providers?

Companies that meet the following criteria benefit from a co-managed IT partnership:

Your existing IT department is overworked – The industry-wide spikes in demand have left IT departments around the country overworked. To make things worse, as more complex and demanding projects enter the horizon, work-stressed employees leave in search of greener pastures.

Businesses always have the option of hiring more employees, but recruiting and training new staff is time-consuming and, given the industry’s high turnover rate, there’s no real assurance your recent direct hires will stick around.

Furthermore, you may need temporary support to fulfill a specific outcome. By supplementing your existing department with a trusted co-managed service like PCH Technologies, you’ll find the additional help you need with the expense of an ongoing commitment.

You are engaging a critical IT project – If you have an important project coming up but feel less than confident about your existing resources to get it done, a co-managed IT solution is your best option.

Co-managed IT lets your staff work alongside their team of experts to create seamless transitions while maintaining your normal business operations.

Your company displays a skills gap – The most intelligent and experienced IT department is bound to encounter a task that falls outside the bounds of its expertise. Under these circumstances, outsourcing becomes necessary to bridge the knowledge gap.

Instead of replacing your existing staff to produce more unknown variables, co-managed IT solutions allow you to maximize productivity by keep your existing team in place where it can remain focused on the tasks they know best.

Organizations across all business sectors -education, manufacturing, legal, and finance- are all struggling with similar IT issues and can benefit from a co-managed IT partnership.

The pros and cons of managed IT

Here are the primary benefits to co-managed IT:

  • Retained control over administrative access
  • Reduced management responsibilities
  • Up-to-date security and technology
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Improved reaction time
  • Lower employee overhead
  • Heightened team morale
  • Watertight security

Some common obstacles to co-managed IT solutions are as follows:
Difficulties sourcing the right partner

  • Compatibility issues
  • High upfront fees

Sourcing the right managed IT services near me

PCH Technologies provides co-managed IT support solutions and consulting in New Jersey for government services, logistics, manufacturing, the financial industries, and more.

Wondering how PCH Technologies can help improve your bottom line through a co-managed partnership? Dial (856) 754-7500 to schedule a brief discovery call now.