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Why Do Florida Businesses Need Cyber Security Managed IT Solutions?

Why Do Florida Businesses Need Cyber Security Managed IT Solutions?

Managed cybersecurity services are not employed by all companies and organizations, but many have found their services to be extremely helpful. Certainly, no business can afford to go without cybersecurity protections, as there are just too many criminals in the world. Leaving your business or organization without any sort of cybersecurity would be the equivalent of walking through a bad neighborhood at night with a shirt that reads “please rob me right now.” While this gives you a general idea, let’s talk about some more specific reasons for which businesses need cybersecurity managed IT solutions.

The Threat Landscape Is Always Changing

It isn’t that hard for a person to educate themselves regarding the basics of cybersecurity. There is plenty of good literature out there, but it takes more than a basic level of knowledge to guarantee good cybersecurity.

This is the case because cybersecurity does not stay the same from year to year. It is constantly changing and evolving as hackers find new ways to exploit vulnerable systems while cybersecurity professionals find new ways to stop them. The result is an ever-changing landscape that really does require a dedicated expert for full comprehension. A third-party cybersecurity services company should make it their business to keep up with the times, and this means that you don’t have to worry about that part.

Better Efficiency On Labor Costs

If you are like most employers, you are probably paying people by the hour. From an IT perspective, this can be impractical at certain times. In particular, hourly wage structures are not so practical for tasks that need to be done 24 hours a day. Routine monitoring is probably the best example of this.

24-hour network monitoring is one of the best cybersecurity measures that you can take. No matter how a cybercriminal might try to breach your system, there will most likely be some telltale signs that an expert can see. It is very hard for an intruder to do anything within your network/systems without leaving some trace of their activities. But, here’s the thing: Do you really want to pay hourly IT employees to watch that network all day and all night? That can get expensive very quickly. The use of a managed security services provider allows you to get that 24/7 monitoring capability without paying by the hour.

Better Data Protection

When you’re thinking about the activities of hackers and cybercriminals, it pays to ask the essential question: What are they after? Obviously, they are going to be after things that can turn a profit in one way or another. In the majority of cases, that means theft of sensitive data. The most direct thing for them is to steal usernames and passwords. This allows them to gain illicit access without having to break through technological barriers like firewalls and encryption.

There are also less direct ways in which people can profit from data theft. For instance, they might use sensitive information to blackmail a company into paying them a large sum. No matter the method, it pays to have good data protection and backup. A managed security provider should help you to develop methods of data protection, including data backup and ransomware data recovery services. Although you can take some of these precautions without the help of an MSSP, it will be a little bit more of a gamble.

Customer/Investor Confidence

Even if you never suffer a cyberattack of any kind, it is a good idea to show people that you are prepared for one. People generally don’t want to deal with companies that don’t respect their data privacy, and you can’t really blame them for that. At the same time, investors will want to make sure that their investment is well-protected.

By using the services of a managed IT security provider, you can show the world that you are prepared for this kind of thing and that you have taken credible steps to preemptively deal with the threat. Even if those precautions should fail, you can at least demonstrate that you tried your best to prevent those issues.

Downtime Costs

A very large percentage of business in the modern world is conducted online. Therefore, if a business is taken offline, much of its business is brought to a halt. Depending on just how much business you conduct online, this can translate into huge amounts of lost revenue. If the outage is long enough, those damages can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars and maybe more.

One of the good things about employing managed IT support is the existence of Service-Level Agreements. These are contracts that are signed both by you and by your IT provider, guaranteeing you a certain amount of uptime. So, for instance, a typical SLA might guarantee “97% uptime”, which means that your internet should be working 97% of the time. If the number dips below this, the IT company will be liable. For many companies, this is a good way to protect themselves from excessive downtime expenses.

Larger Pool Of Knowledge

If you rely totally upon your in-house employees for cybersecurity, there is one inherent problem with that. Unless you have a truly massive IT team, you probably don’t have all the right skills and certifications amongst your staff. Even if your people are very good at what they do, it is still a smaller pool of experts. That equals a greater chance that they will run into a problem they don’t know how to solve. A managed cybersecurity provider gives you access to a wider pool of skills and knowledge, making such a situation far less likely.


It isn’t hard to see that managed cybersecurity can be a great benefit for those who need extra protection. While private individuals don’t usually require this level of security, organizations and companies absolutely need to hold themselves to a higher standard. Whether you need general cybersecurity improvement, ransomware recovery service, or anything of the sort, you can call PCH Technologies at (844) 754-7500.


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