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Why Do Pennsylvania Businesses Need Cyber Security Managed IT Solutions?

Why Do Pennsylvania Businesses Need Cyber Security Managed IT Solutions?

Managed cybersecurity services are one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your organization’s cyber defenses. With so many hackers, scam artists, and other miscreants in the world, no business can afford to be without good security. The potential costs of a hacking attack can be gargantuan, and can even put a company out of business. Hopefully, you already know some of this, so let’s talk about the things you might not know. Specifically, let’s discuss why all Pennsylvania businesses need some sort of cybersecurity IT solution.

What If My Business Is Low-Risk?

When it comes to cybersecurity, the needs of every company are different. These needs are determined by several factors, such as the process by which you do business, the people with whom you do business, and the technology that is used in your business. However, the single biggest factor is this: How much do you have to protect?

If your company handles a lot of sensitive data, then you definitely need the increased protection that comes from a managed provider. Without that, you are basically a sitting duck (i.e., an appealing target with no real protection). Sitting ducks don’t tend to last that long, so you don’t want to be one of those. There are just too many predators around the pond.

However, what if your business is relatively low-risk? Do you still need managed security services? The answer is neither a firm “yes nor a firm “no.” You may not have particularly large security needs, and if that is the case, you don’t need managed security as badly as some others. However, your company probably still handles some sensitive information, even if it’s just credit card info from online payment records. So, some businesses need managed security services a lot more than others, but any business can benefit from them.

What Are MSSP Services?

MSSP stands for “Managed Security Service Provider.” When we talk about managed IT services, this is one good example of such services. As the name signifies, this type of IT service is mainly focused on security. That means they won’t spend a lot of time trying to optimize your network or help you streamline your online customer experience or anything like that. An MSSP is contracted to take charge of your security and make it as strong as possible. These services are not the only examples of managed cybersecurity, but they are probably the most wide-ranging and effective solutions.

As with most managed IT services, an MSSP works with each client to figure out a plan that suits their business needs. A security plan that works for an industrial manufacturing company isn’t necessarily going to work for a more service-based company, and that’s just one example. If you already have a good in-house cybersecurity team, you can divide the responsibilities between your in-house employees and your MSSP.

What Benefits Can My Company Gain From The Use Of Managed It Solutions?

In the end, any business decision will come down to the question of net loss vs. net gain. In other words, you have to ask yourself the question: “If I pay for managed cybersecurity services, will the gains be worth the costs?” To aid that decision, here are the two primary benefits that you can hope to gain.

Protection Against New And Evolving Threats

It isn’t really that hard to protect yourself against known threats. Most of those can be filtered out by antivirus software, firewalls, and other methods of exclusion. However, most successful cyberattacks involve the use of new or evolving tactics. Here is one common scenario: A hacker discovers a vulnerability in the code of a certain software program. He then figures out how to exploit that vulnerability for criminal gain, usually by installing malware of some sort. When the vulnerability is patched, the hacker moves on and looks for another easy target.

Because the threat landscape is constantly changing, cybersecurity is a complex and ever-changing field of study. It’s not the kind of thing that you can just learn casually in your spare time. It’s one of those matters that is best left to the experts, and the use of an MSSP or some other managed cybersecurity makes it easy to do that. As a result, you can rest assured that you have the best possible protection against all threats whether known or unknown.

Better Disaster Preparedness

No matter who you employ, it is not possible to achieve 100% invulnerability. There is always a chance that someone will get through your defenses and cause some sort of harm. As such, you need to have a second layer of defense for situations in which prevention has failed. That second layer of defense is often called “disaster recovery.” in the IT industry.

The idea is simple: You regularly make backup files of your important data, and those files are stored at a secure external site. Thus, even if your company/facility is completely hacked, your files will be unaffected. Data backup has also proven to be the only effective protection against ransomware. Apart from making backups, a disaster recovery plan should include forensic measures so that the attacker can be traced and caught. In any case, disaster recovery is greatly facilitated by the help of a trustworthy outsider.


We should mention that there are plenty of other benefits that can be gained through the use of managed cybersecurity. It would be long and tiresome to list them all, so we focused on the two most important benefits. Every business, whether large or small, can benefit greatly from enhanced security. Good cybersecurity requires specialized people if you want the best results, and an outsourced MSSP plan makes it easy to employ such people at a reasonable rate. If you are in need of cybersecurity services, and if you are located anywhere in New Jersey, you can start by calling PCH Technologies at (856) 754-7500.