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Why Your Small Business Needs a Trusted Managed IT Service

Why Your Small Business Needs a Trusted Managed IT Service

The managed IT service industry expects to top $200 billion in the coming year because businesses of all sizes continue realizing their benefits.

Advancements in new tech have hardly been static over the past decade, and with that, business IT requirements are continuously evolving. Moreover, the ever-growing threat of cybersecurity attacks that leads to costly network downtime can leave any ill-prepared business grasping for straws.

Not all on-premises IT departments are equipped to handle a catastrophic cyber incident. This is especially concerning when you know your company can’t absorb costly downtime, which, by some estimates, can run nearly $9000 an hour. While your IT department might temporarily smooth things out, it ultimately comes down to how quickly the matter can be fully resolved.

This is where managed partners come into play. Not only do they work to ensure fluid processes on the cloud, but they also get your company up and running quickly as possible after an outage. Eliminating significant downtime goes a long way in reducing costs while, at the same time, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that a managed service is continuously handling your security through 24/7 monitoring.

Whether your cloud environment is multi-tenant or hybrid, managed IT providers that offer cloud services possess the expertise and infrastructure to handle all aspects of the cloud. Businesses focused on growth are partnering with cloud-managed services at a greater pace because they simply don’t have the time or resources to deal with IT infrastructure procurement and disposition. That is why between 2016 and 2022, the cloud-managed services market nearly doubled to almost 54 billion at a 14.6 percent compound annual growth rate.

If you are curious to learn whether or not managed IT services are right for your company, let’s explore in more detail a few of the key benefits to signing up with a managed service provider:

Reduced IT costs

Acquiring and maintaining expensive infrastructure in-house while monitoring networks 24/7 for irregularities leads to costly overheads. This can be especially challenging if you run a small to medium-sized enterprise that operates on a thin budget. Due to the nature of most procurement procedures, you may have to purchase equipment in bulk that you don’t necessarily need to implement your cloud infrastructure. A managed IT service, on the other hand, is solely responsible for handling infrastructure procurement. This way, you don’t have to worry about acquiring pricey excess tools you’ll never use.

Outsourcing your IT means you can scale the service. The flexibility of a managed service is that you only pay for what your business demands and use those services only when required. The service provider has already attained the necessary equipment and staff to establish and maintain the cloud. Filling highly specialized IT positions is expensive. Additionally, you may not need those services year-round. Managed services reduce these costs by helping conserve capital and labor budgets so you can continue growing your business. Some managed service providers offer a pay-as-you-go option which can translate to huge savings for small to medium-sized companies.

Streamlined processes

Cloud infrastructure management requires deft handling at every stage to deliver results. Are you confident that your IT department is skilled enough to handle all the complex tasks associated with infrastructure compliance and change management? IT management represents a diversity of increasingly complex and ever-changing processes and not just a single aspect of your organization.

A proven managed service provider is strictly dedicated and fully equipped to handle all the necessary procedures with a robust set of infrastructure in place. Going with a trusted managed company assures you have an expert team in place at all times. Their experts are familiar with their cloud service from every angle while, at the same time, these companies develop reliable contingency plans to address any disruptive events that can arise.

Seamless access to a contingent workforce

A managed service ensures you have the right players installed at the right moment. According to data compiled by Randstad, IT roles are increasingly shifting to contingent status as more businesses deploy project-based initiatives. Finding the right employee with the proper certifications and experience for the right project is crucial to realizing a successful outcome.

Most reputable managed services are already prepared to deploy all the resources your upcoming initiative demands. If your managed IT service provider doesn’t have the right talent on hand, they partner with local human resource outsourcing firms that can quickly supply the skill set you need.

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