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10 Reasons To Use Backup As A Service

10 Reasons To Use Backup As A Service

Data backup is one of the most important security precautions that you can take. We now store most of humanity’s important records in a digital form, and this has both benefits and downsides. On the one hand, digital media can store a huge amount of information, with one small device containing whole libraries’ worth of information. On the other hand, digital media is more vulnerable to corruption and destruction. Let’s discuss our top ten reasons to use backup as a service (BAAS) from your managed service provider.

Reason #1: Ransomware Attacks

Of all the hacking attacks that are possible, ransomware might just be the scariest of them. Using encryption, the hacker (or hackers) will lock you out of your system, scrambling the data so as to make it unreadable. That’s where the “ransom” aspect comes into play. They send a message demanding money, promising that access will be restored upon payment. Of course, there is no guarantee that they will follow through on that promise.

This kind of attack has proven to be very effective and has even been used to infect secure government systems (though only at the local government level). It is hard to guard against this kind of attack, but a recent backup can render it completely ineffective. You can laugh at the hackers and restore your system within a few hours or less.

Reason #2: The Need For Compliance Data

If your business is like most others, you need to comply with a bunch of laws and regulations. This probably isn’t that big a deal for you, but it can quickly become a problem if your data is lost or damaged. Regulators need to see your records in order to confirm that you are in compliance with the rules, but data loss can prevent that from happening. That’s when you will have to deal with all kinds of annoying (and potentially expensive) audits. Far better to have your backups ready beforehand!

Reason #3: Extreme Convenience

When you use backup as a service (BAAS), you are putting the whole matter into the hands of an outside company. Of course, you will have to decide on certain particulars. These will include the amount of storage space that you want to use and the frequency of the backups. For instance, if your system and files are being backed up every 24 hours, it means that you cannot possibly lose more than 24 hours of work. Because all of this is automated and taken care of by another company, it offers an unprecedented level of convenience.

Reason #4: Less Downtime

Network downtime is one of the most expensive IT problems you can have. Unlike most other network problems, it doesn’t just slow you down…it grinds business to a halt. Obviously, this is not acceptable, but it sometimes happens regardless. Still, a good backup system can make it easier to fix these issues. Instead of hunting the problem for hours, IT professionals can simply restore the network to an earlier configuration.

Reason #5: No Technology Is Infallible

Even if you have invested in all the latest and greatest IT solutions, no technology will ever be infallible. As long as machines are designed by human beings, this problem will remain. For this reason, backup options are going to continue being an essential part of the IT landscape. Until someone invents the unbreakable machine, there will always be a need for backup plans.

Reason #6: Scales Easily Without Extra Investment

Chances are, your business will eventually outgrow its IT setup. When that happens, you have to invest in many things, such as new employees, new servers, new desktops and laptops, extra cables and routers, etc. None of these things are cheap, and that can make upgrading into one expensive venture. By using an MSP-provided backup plan, you can get exactly the space that you need and no more. When things change, and you need to get more space, your plan can easily be upgraded.

Reason #7: Improved Tech Support Service

Normally, you will obtain backup services through the use of a managed service provider (MSP). Most of the time, these companies will also offer very good technical support. One of the benefits that come with most plans will be a 24/7 support line that any employee can call. Sure, you might already have some in-house experts, but this will take some of the strain off of them.

Reason #8: Sometimes It Isn’t Hackers

We have talked a lot about the threat that hackers and other bad actors can pose to your data. However, there are plenty of ways in which data loss can happen. Accidental deletion is probably more common than hacking, as it does not require a deliberate effort from anyone. Without a backup system, you can’t really do anything except discipline the responsible person and move on. However, data backup makes this into a minor inconvenience only.

Reason #9: More Frequent Backups

At some point, you may have asked yourself: “Can’t I just do my own backups?” Obviously, you could get your IT team to do this, but there is just one problem: They have to concentrate on all kinds of other tasks at the same time. Thus, they will probably not be able to do backups as often as you would like. On the other hand, an MSP will have the time, resources, and staff to do those backups on a frequent and regular basis.

Reason #10: Overall Reduction Of Risk

If your company has investors to deal with (and it probably does), the reduction of risk is likely to please them greatly. These people may or may not be familiar with the complex technical issues, as it isn’t their job to be IT experts. However, any business-oriented person can appreciate a reduced level of risk.


As you can see, a competent data backup system can solve quite a few problems at once. Instead of picking up the pieces and rebuilding from practically nothing, you can react to a disaster with quickness and efficiency. If you would like to know more, please feel free to call PCH Technologies at (856) 754-7500.