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5 Key Benefits and Advantages Of Managed IT Services

5 Key Benefits and Advantages Of Managed IT Services

Small businesses are turning to managed IT services at increasing rates to combat rising costs, a heightened cyber threat environment, and an ostensibly increased potential for natural and biological disasters. Whether you’re launching a new start-up, or you operate an established small to medium-sized organization, managed IT services can help reduce your operational complexity and improve your overall security posture.

Apart from simplifying your operations, managed service providers (MSPs) supply businesses like yours with ongoing support and the latest industry training and knowledge. Managed IT solutions can function as your sole technology department under a managed package, or you can choose to supplement your existing team under the co-managed model. The primary advantage of MSPs is that they allow your core staff members to focus on what they do best.

Managed IT service providers can either take over one aspect of your IT, such as help desk services, or handle all your requirements as a whole. Businesses frequently leverage MSP to relieve their work-stressed IT departments of routine maintenance tasks. But these platforms can also be invaluable resources for facilitating more complex projects like cloud computing, disaster recovery planning (DRP), and cybersecurity protection.

The decision to outsource your IT requirements is an economic one. The right managed service partner will increase your operational efficiency while reducing overall costs and keep your organization competitive for years to come. So what are the main benefits you should expect from a managed service provider? This article the five primary advantages you’ll gain after hiring a managed service provider (MSP).

1. Lower overall IT expenses

When you contract with an MSP, typically, it is on a subscription basis. This gives a fixed monthly IT expense while lowering the overall costs to meet your IT requirements. Your IT overhead effectively goes from a capital expenditure to a recurrent operating cost when you use an MSP.

You won’t need to worry about the high costs associated with unexpected systems disruptions and unplanned employee downtime. Under most circumstances, you sustain or substantially reduce your IT expenses after a comparably low upfront investment.

Subscription pricing depends on how you customize your managed IT solution and which services you option. Your costs typically increase as you add more services while pricing is dictated by the number of employees in your organization.

Lower overall IT expenses

2. Less labor overhead

The hiring and training process is expensive. This is especially true in the IT industry where rates are almost as high as the average commanding salary for an engineer. Managed IT services provide a reliable and secure platform for outsourcing your IT operations center, placing your technology in the hands of a team of industry-leading specialists.

This additional support lets you reallocate your key internal staff members to the areas where they can more impact while cutting down your overall IT labor costs. Keeping your IT department in-house will saddle you with high sunk costs like lofty annual salaries, employee insurance, and any other benefits you typically offer.

Training expenses also come into significant play when you run all of your IT in-house. When you outsource your IT requirements, you can eliminate capital expenses like infrastructure and software to reduce your operating costs.

3. Enhanced cybersecurity protection

Managed IT service providers offer affordable cybersecurity solutions to businesses on limited budgets, including 24/7/365 network monitoring that hunts threats, anomalies, suspicious file behaviors, and other system vulnerabilities to ensure optional network security at all hours.

New, more sophisticated cyber threats are emerging daily while the threat environment is constantly evolving. Unless you have the right security controls in place, bad actors could potentially infiltrate your systems causing an unexpected outage and widespread damage to your systems and infrastructure.

Managed IT services represent a reliable means of safeguarding your business’s digital environments. MSPs supply you with robust antivirus and antimalware software solutions while constantly monitoring for threats to prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized entry to your critical systems and damaging them.

Managed service providers will also help you identify any existing system vulnerabilities and resolve them through software patching and by resolving any misconfiguration issues that could lead to a breach.

Hiring an MSP is a good option for businesses that want to reduce risk and any elusive security loopholes. Around-the-clock alarming monitoring and intrusion detection systems ensure you have access to the latest cybersecurity solutions at an affordable, fixed monthly cost.

4. Access to specialized talent

If your business has recently undergone a rapid stage of growth, you’re likely to have observed at least a few skill gaps in your current IT department. If you run a recent upstart and have been managing your IT on your own with the support of a few people and lack the skills to complete your more advanced projects, fully managed IT support will benefit you significantly.

A highly experienced team of certified IT professionals can handle all your IT and develop a strategic growth plan for your technology that leave your business thriving. After hiring an IT support service, you’ll save on non-revenue-generating costs like consulting, licensing, training, and disaster recovery services.

5. A single point of contact

When you run your own IT in-house, you must maintain a lengthy list of vendors for various hardware and software components. Managing them all takes time away from your core business objectives, and the rates for one-off vendors are often higher.

Managed IT providers have already negotiated wholesale rates on the software and hardware solutions you need. Typically, they can supply and maintain these resources on behalf of your company at a more affordable rate than if you sought them out on the open market.

Improve your risk posture with managed IT support

The managed IT service benefits listed above companies of all sizes keep their operations secure and competitive. PCH Technologies works with organizations of all sizes in the government, transportation, financial services, and healthcare sectors.

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