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5 Reasons Why Around-the-Clock Network and System Monitoring is Crucial

5 Reasons Why Around-the-Clock Network and System Monitoring is Crucial

Your networks are the core of your business. As such, your digital environment must be managed and maintained by a team of skilled experts. In today’s business clime, 24 7 network monitoring maintenance is a must. Continuous network monitoring is one of the best ways to ensure your expensive IT infrastructure and digital systems are never subject to an unexpected attack after business hours and other malfunctions that can lead to unplanned downtime.

Because maintaining an around-the-clock, in-house IT support team is financially out of grasp for so many small business owners, they are starting to turn to external service providers for continuous monitoring of their IT infrastructure, networks, and systems. Let’s take a closer look at five ways 24×7 monitoring of your virtual and physical IT infrastructure benefits technology-dependent businesses like yours.

1. Faster reaction times

Monitoring your network 24/7/356 means you are notified immediately of any system abnormalities that could lead to a systemic disruption. Skilled technicians work around the clock to detect potential threats before taking the necessary steps to resolve the issues right away.

This ability to detect problems before they escalate is positively worth the investment because it helps eliminate expensive downtime. If you support remote staff in different parts of the world, the managed IT support staff ensures they maintain their highest levels of service. The external help desk team can address any issues at any time, without delay, thereby maximizing your employee’s shift uptime.

2. Better cybersecurity protection

Network and digital infrastructure security remain a top concern among business owners today. Companies that lack up-to-date security software place their organizations at significant risk of a breach that could take years to recover from if doesn’t topple them completely.

However, it takes more than assuring that you’re following routine maintenance schedules. Small business owners keen on protecting their assets must monitor their networks and infrastructure to continue to ensure their organizations are secure enough to meet regulator demands and protect their hard-earned brand reputations.

Managed service providers like PCH Technologies supply businesses like yours with the latest firewalls and antivirus software to prevent their systems from failing. These security solutions also keep small businesses protected from the latest cyber threats. Meeting all your routine upgrade requirements is resource-intensive and time-consuming. Apart from 24×7 monitoring, an outsourced IT service will carry out the scheduled updates and patching required to minimize your exposure to emergent security threats.

3. Improved reaction times

In the event that your systems start exceeding their limited capacity, 24 7 network monitoring means you identify this problem early on before it escalates into prolonged system downtime. When you monitor your processes closely, you prevent disruptions to your digital environment.

By proactively seeking out the necessary upgrades before the lack thereof begins hampering your normally functioning operations, you will eliminate a potential avalanche of catastrophic issues down the line. This added attention generally translates to a faster response after something goes wrong and makes it easier for you to budget short-term projects like migration and system upgrades.

4. Enhanced operational efficiency

We’ve mentioned above that 24 7 network monitoring allows you to respond and act on issues as they immediately arise. The ability to watch your networks continually and respond to them in real time almost always translates to improved productivity across all areas of your business.

Continuous network monitoring lets you schedule updates and patches during times that will least impact your efficient operations. PCH Technologies gives you access to the latest, cost-effective IT system monitoring tools to help your IT managers optimize the use of their time.

5. Ongoing managed IT support

Increased operating expenses have led more business owners to choose outsourced IT providers as a cost-effective solution for meeting their complex IT requirements. Hiring a managed IT service comes with several benefits, the primary of which is continuous access to expert-level technicians when you need them most. You can rely on a robust team of cybersecurity and networking specialists for a fraction of the cost to recruit and train just one or two similar candidates in-house.

Going with 24×7 monitoring and support from a proven managed IT service provider will help you allocate your resources more effectively. Since your entire company depends on its network to perform as expected, you can’t risk a sudden disruption that results in extended, unplanned downtime. Managed service providers help companies eliminate productivity interruptions by proactively monitoring your network for irregularities while tracking any concerning patterns accordingly.

When you watch your network constantly, it’s easier to deploy new technologies and execute necessary software maintenance and upgrades. The managed service provider can analyze existing trends and recommend enhancements to your networks and IT infrastructure. This additional guidance helps keep your organization competitive within its specified marketplace. The additional insight and visibility of continuous monitoring help small businesses reduce the risk exposure that could arise from an upgrade gone wrong or a malicious hack.

Protect your business around the clock with proven solutions

PCH Technologies is a leading expert in everything cybersecurity and data protection-related. Our team of skilled technicians will help you develop a comprehensive security operations solution that meets industry standards while drastically improving your reaction and recovery times after a cyber incident. We have the experience necessary to monitor your digital environment 24/7/365 to prevent the latest and most sophisticated cyber attacks.

To learn more about how our network monitoring solutions can safeguard your business against the latest cyber threats and other IT disasters, schedule your free discovery call online or dial (856) 754-7500 now.