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5 Things a Private Data Center Isn’t

5 Things a Private Data Center Isn’t

Thinking about choosing a private data center? PCH Technologies can accommodate all your data storage needs.

We’ve told you before what we as a private data center are. Now let’s tell you what we aren’t.

  1. We aren’t a data storage solution hidden in a cave with armed guards and lasered entryway. Sorry to disappoint you, but we are much more tech savvy and secure than what you might find in James Bond movies. Our data centers securely house your critical business information with ample redundancy so you’re fully protected.
  2. We aren’t rigid or complicated. Do you have changing infrastructure needs? Are you in the market for a storage solution you can customize without breaking the banks? Congratulations, you’ve found your solution- a private data center hosted by PCH Technologies.
  3. We aren’t limited by your industry compliance requirements. Think Superman level data storage without an allergy to kryptonite. Your compliance standards are no match for our storage and safety capabilities. If you need it, we can provide it.
  4. We’re not scared of cyber threats. We’re professionals in the technology, and we know how to install and maintain robust firewalls and security solutions to protect your data. Cybercriminals, beware.

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