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How Instant Wi-Fi is Saving Lives

How Instant Wi-Fi is Saving Lives

If you tuned in last week for Tuesday with Tim you know that I spent some time talking about articles from CNET’s “Tech for a Better World” series. There were so many exciting and important articles in this series that I wanted to share one more I found to be impactful.

This article, entitled “When a hurricane blows out your internet, a drone can drop an instant Wi-Fi network” focuses on two companies, Project Owl and Prometeo, and how they both have used technology to help battle recent natural disasters.

Project Owl is creating instant Wi-Fi networks that can be used in places where natural disasters have hit, such as Puerto Rico. What this organization is doing is combining regular hardware, also known as DuckLinks, with open-source management software that is used in conjunction with that hardware. The goal of this is to then let anyone be able to communicate online through this mesh network. A series of DuckLinks have a long-range radio that connects to other DuckLinks, in return creating a complete network. Project Owl has created solar DuckLinks that are virtually self-sufficient, which is ideal in a natural disaster type scenario.

Another company working to find solutions to the backlash of natural disasters is Prometeo. The wildfires that have been raging in California this year have caused mass destruction and have put people’s lives at stake. Firefighters are out in the line of duty doing what is needed to combat these monstrous fires and this is a company that is looking out for their well-being. Firefighters putting their life on the line is a true feat of bravery, and this new technology may help to ease worries and repay them for their hard work. The device that Prometeo has come up with is a small series of electrochemical sensors that straps to a firefighter’s arm and is used to measure carbon monoxide, temperature, humidity, and smoke concentration. This is something that can save lives and prevent complications for these firefighters down the road.

Overall, these are great stories of how technology is improving the lives of the people around us and potentially saving lives as well. Technology can do so much good for the world and has a lot to offer. Take some time today to appreciate all the technology you have in your life and how it helps you stay connected and healthy!