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Benefits Of Managed IT Services In Philadelphia

Benefits Of Managed IT Services In Philadelphia

IT services are highly essential for all businesses today. Whether they are large or small, every company needs to make sure that they can work with modern technology and obtain its maximum benefits. While many companies choose to employ a dedicated in-house IT team, many have also found it advantageous to outsource those needs. There are numerous advantages and benefits that can come from outsourcing your IT, so let’s talk about them in more detail.

Greater Security

Security is probably the number one reason to choose managed IT services. While anyone can get hacked, businesses are at much greater risk overall. When a private individual gets “hacked,” the most common goal is identity theft. Why is that the case? Because the average individual doesn’t have as much to steal. On the other hand, a big company has enough money and resources to make an appealing target.

Outsourced IT allows you to easily employ things like third-party verification and monitoring. When you have a reliable security partner, you have a way to independently verify facts and figures. An outsourcing company is also less likely to be biased, as their pay is the same either way. Thus, you can trust the information that they give you, and that is always conducive to good security.

Efficiency And Productivity

Apart from security concerns, you should also think about efficiency. When your IT affairs are running smoothly, it helps all your other business affairs to run more smoothly as well. We shouldn’t have to tell you that modern business is highly dependent on the internet and on information technology in general.

Outsourced IT creates a situation in which your in-house employees don’t have to worry about tech problems. Thus, they will be able to focus on their jobs and be more productive. Even the best workers cannot be productive without working tools. Also, even the best workers cannot be effective if they are dealing with constant distractions and malfunctions. Managed IT services, when correctly applied, will eliminate both of these problems.

One Point Of Contact

When you deal with an outsourced IT company, you will probably be dealing with one or two contacts. Obviously, you can contact other people at the company if necessary, but your day-to-day contacts can be handled by a single person. This means greater convenience for business owners, who can then handle any problems with a single phone call. Instead of having to call a bunch of different people and departments, you will have a single point of contact that can handle any issues with less effort and time on your part.

Over time, you can work to build a good working relationship with your contact, making it easier to employ their services. Likewise, they will come to learn and understand the specific needs of your business. The IT needs of every industry are different, so it pays to get someone who is familiar with your specific circumstances and procedures. They will be able to help you far more than a generalized technician.

Cost Savings/Consistency

Most companies find that they are able to save money by using outsourced IT companies. The amount of money that you save will vary, depending on your needs and the size of your current IT budget. However, there are several things that make outsourced IT a little cheaper.

First of all, let’s talk about salaries. A well-trained IT technician can demand a fairly high wage because he knows his services are in demand. Every company needs top-quality IT people, and there aren’t enough of them to go around. However, when you use an outsourced company that is staffed by top-tier people, you can get the same quality of service without paying those large salaries.

In most cases, your managed IT expenses will all be folded into one monthly bill. Thus, you have a much more clear and consistent expense here. You can be certain that the cost will not increase unless your needs increase and you request additional services. Also, there is something to be said for the benefit of having predictable costs. If nothing else, it makes budgeting a lot easier.

Finally, let’s talk about equipment costs. Whether you need servers, cables, or any other sort of network equipment, it will have to be updated from time to time. This can add up to a significant expense if you aren’t careful. Because information technology can become obsolete quickly, those replacement costs will add up to a lot. On the other hand, an outsourced plan allows you to get those same resources without paying nearly as much. Equipment costs can be folded into your monthly bill, and they are likely to be less than what you would normally pay.

Access To More Knowledge

IT is a very large field of study. As such, no one could ever hope to learn every single aspect. That is why IT professionals will usually specialize in certain sub-fields. So, what happens if your in-house team runs into a problem they don’t understand? If no one in that team has the knowledge or expertise to handle the problem, their efforts to help will be useless. This is why many companies choose to supplement their in-house team with outside advisors. An IT company will employ a wider range of people with a wider range of skills, and it can be very helpful to gain access to their knowledge and advice.


Managed IT services have a lot of benefits, whether you live in Philadelphia or any other place in the world. However, when it comes to managed IT services Philadelphia has many choices to offer. Thus, it can be very hard for anyone to sort through these options and find the best one. Contrary to how it might seem, Philadelphia-managed IT services do not have to be difficult to find. If you are looking for a trusted provider that has been serving this area for many years, we recommend calling PCH Technologies at (856) 754-7500.